You can now run the Linux version of Firefox together with the Windows version. This is made possible by Microsoft now.

Microsoft announced today that it will integrate a full Linux kernel to Windows 10 with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) version 2, so Linux GUI applications will soon be able to run on the operating system. The update, with WSL version 2, will arrive later this month.

The integration makes the open source platform a bit easier to use within Windows. Previously, developers had to configure a third-party server to run Linux GUI applications. Another advantage is that Microsoft will also add support for GPU (graphics processing unit) workflows within its Linux subsystem.

Linux GUI App Support on Windows

GPU hardware acceleration will be available in the coming months on Windows 10 Insiders on Fast Ring, and Microsoft plans to share more information about the arrival of Linux GUI application support later this year .

This is not the first time that Microsoft integrates Linux into its operating system. In 2016 it included the command line tools from Linux to Windows and a full kernel last year.


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