After 6 years in the female form, Trithipnipa Thippaphada has decided to have sex reassignment surgery once again to return to her natural birth father.

Nowadays, a lot of guys bravely change their gender to live true to themselves, and forcing them to return to their old forms is like a nightmare. But with Trithipnipa Thippaphada – Miss Trans World Thailand 2019 is a reverse story. In 2013, he underwent plastic surgery to turn into a female. And after 6 years Trithipnipa Thippaphada came to a decision that no one expected was to return to the form of his biological father.

Trithipnipa Thippaphada as Miss Trans World Thailand 2019.
In the form of women, transgender beauties born in 1989 are remarkably beautiful not inferior to any genuine girl.
When still a female appearance, Trithipnipa Thippaphada has large round eyes, smooth white skin with delicate features. Many people call her a copy of Miss Universe Thailand 2017 – Mareeya Poonlertlarb.
Previously in 2014, Trithipnipa won the 2nd runner-up position – Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2014.
After winning, Trithipnipa Thippaphada emerged as a symbol of Thailand’s transgender success alongside other hot names like Nong Poy or Noey.
Having a career in modeling, Trithipnipa Thippaphada unexpectedly returned to surgery in 2019 as a man, making many people regret the mountain
Share on this strange intention, Trithipnipa Thippaphada explained: “After 6 years, I realized I prefer to wear men’s clothes, to wear short hair and comfortable with a male body.”
To return to his male form, Trithipnipa stopped using the hormone estrogen (which activates the female hormone) and breast surgery.
The second Trithipnipa Thippaphada transgender shocked both lovers and friends. However, they eventually respected Trithipnipa’s decision.
Whether male or female, Trithipnipa Thippaphada also makes the opposite eyes widen.
Currently Trithipnipa is actively working out to increase his muscle mass.
Even so, the fashion style of Trithipnipa Thippaphada is still genderless.