The Playable Teaser by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro marked the players in an impressive way, in fact we believe that the fact that Konami has canceled the game is what has given more relevance to what was going to be just a demo of an AAA delivery with many hours of content.

PT has been recreated in Dreams and Unreal Engine , and has also inspired thousands of fan arts and fan fictions about it, all related to theories of why it was called “Silent Hills” and not Silent Hill like the rest of the Konami saga. Now we have a new recreation and perhaps until now it is the most faithful way to revive it, or at least it will be if its creator is encouraged.

To enjoy alone

We are talking about AmbientDruth , who published a full version of PT in Steam’s personal creations workshop, anyone with a VR headset can download it and start “enjoying” in the hallways of PT Not quite ready yet but the creator promises a series of novelties over time, an infinite corridor, works in lighting, in the shadows, etc.

And is that right now the mod is not as scary as the original demo since the lighting played an important role, everything was darker and the shadows could give you a good scare without really that was the intention of the game. However, it is still a VR mod so putting on a helmet and seeing everything in the first person makes everything much scarier by the nature of the first person perspective.

It was all recreated with Valve’s Source Engine 2 VR, an open-access engine for anyone that has already served others to create a mini-golf course, recreate Aperture Laboratories from Portal 2, or recreate passages from Half-Life 2.