Bombshell Pictures of “Bizarre” Aircraft Appear at the US Space Port

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Netizens are buzzing about the picture of a “bizarre” plane that appeared earlier this week at the Mojave airport and space in California.

The photo of a unique and strange plane by u / Red_Jensen account posted on Reddit has attracted the attention of many users of this social network. In particular, most people said that the image is completely true and is not the product of any photo editing application.

The photo of the plane model has a strange shape caused a stir in the public opinion. Photo: Reddit

Commenting on the photo, a netizen wrote, the tail of the aircraft bearing the number N971YT has been registered by Japanese car maker Toyota. “This is an electric plane that I think is very interesting, considering that its vehicles are well-known for prioritizing the use of hydrogen fuel cells instead of electricity,” the person noted.

According to another Reddit account, the Japanese manufacturer plans to mass-produce a compact, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) called Airolla. This is expected to be the most reliable, best-selling aircraft of this type in the world.

Meanwhile, according to Drive, the object in the photo is a large unmanned VTOL, shaped like an insect. The aircraft is equipped with 4 horizontal mounted propellers, with a propeller installed at the rear.

Drive claimed that the design of the drone was similar to the Chaparral model, the unmanned cargo transport engine of the US aerospace and logistics company Elroy Air. Chaparral is powered by a hybrid electric motor, capable of carrying 227kg of cargo.

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