Hacked (2020) Full Movie 720p DVDScr Download Link Leaked on Tamilrockers

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Hacked (2020)[Hindi – 720p HQ Real DVDScr – x264 – 1.2GB], Hacked (2020)[Hindi – HQ Real DVDScr – x264 – 700MB] and Hacked (2020)[Hindi – HQ Real DVDScr – x264 – 400MB], these three download links have been leaked by Dazzler a user of Tamilrockers today. Earlier we had reported about the fake leak of Hina Khan’s debut movie Hacked. But this is a real leaked review. In this review we will explain about these 3 download links of Hacked 2020 Hindi movie of Hina Khan popularly known as “Akshara” that are leaked.

Before we talk about the download links of Hacked movie, let’s know about the movie a bit, so that you can get the real fun of downloading this movie. Bigg Boss fame and famous actress of small screen Hina Khan is debuted with the movie ‘Hacked’ that was released on 7 Feb 2020. The story of this film is inspired by online hacking. Roshan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar will be seen with Hina Khan in the film. The film is directed by Vikram Bhatt. The story of the film revolves around a freak hacker. In the trailer, Rohan Shah, who plays a 19-year-old hacker in the film, is a lover of Hina Khan. But when Hina goes away from them citing her age, he comes down to take revenge. Rohan knows hacking and uses this skill to pressure Hina Khan. Rohan’s character is like a psycho hacker, who can go to some extent to acquire Hina.

We believe you are interested to know how the movie is going to be and may be you have started guessing the scenes that can be seen through the CCTV camera. Coming back to the download part of the movie, let us tell you that there are only three download links available one each for the three types of movie files that is mentioned above. Each link has only one torrent download links. No magnet or direct download links have been provided. It will be fun to watch if someone leaks more download links or just that’s it. Because after a week time the real download link of Hacked is leaked. The download page looks like below, but if you want to see the full details you have to click on each image to have a better look in the dedicated page.


Hina Khan Told Stocker’s Shocking Experience – She Changed 20 Numbers and Was Scared Of Such Messages

Actress Hina Khan, who started a successful career from television, now made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Hacked’, which released on 7 February 2020. Hina is busy these days in the promotion of her film. In such a situation, Hina recently mentioned a surprising incident of stocking with her in real life.

Hina told that a stocker messes them up due to which she gets scared. Hina believes that there should be more privacy on social sites.

Talking about the stocking incident with her, Hina said, “Celebs become public figures and they are loved by a large number of people, so we also have stocking incidents. Sometimes this happens when Fans stand outside your building all day and wait, even it is fine. But there are people who start messaging us, I don’t know that. That person sent me very long videos in which he was forcing me. In such a situation I felt and I messaged him that this is fine but now he should understand and take things lightly. “

Hina continued, “Even after that, he did not agree. And then he messaged me that he would cut his wrist or leave the house after which I was very scared. He used to message me that he would get me at 1 pm but When, where, how, nothing about it. At that time, I was afraid to get out of the house. He changed more than 20 numbers. Recently, I have blocked a number again.”

Hacked Movie Plot

Sam (Hina Khan) works at a magazine company, she has a neighbor Vivek (Rohan Shah) who has a crush on her. Sam has a very fragile relationship with her boyfriend a film director Om Kapoor (Sid Makkar) as he reciprocates feelings whenever he likes.

Sam has a birthday party at her apartment where all her friends and colleagues are invited, she is broken when Om doesn’t attend the party, Vivek helps clean the apartment and Sam suddenly breaks down and reveals about Om to Vivek in a drunken state. Vivek tries to console her and in the process they both end up making love.

Next morning Sam wakes up and is shocked to see Vivek sleeping next to her. Om rings the doorbell and Sam get worried, Vivek says its ok to which Sam says she will talk to him later.

Sam is still thinking about the previous night in the office meeting to which her boss shouts at her for being absent minded in the meeting, this is heard by Vivek who is outside, he gets food for Sam and sends everyone else for lunch. Sam is disturbed and warns Vivek that last night was a mistake, and warns him from interfering in her personal life.

Next day Sam sees that she is not able to enter her office, her boss then informed her that the company files have been hacked from her laptop to which Sam says she has to clue how that happened. Vivek then calls Sam and reveals that he hacked the company files to teach Sam’s boss a lesson. (Vivek had previously hacked into the police records and uploaded a mobile vendors name as most wanted just because he refused to repair Sam’s phone)

Sam calls Vivek to a cafe and tells him to revert what he has done. Vivek reveals that he loves her and can do anything for her to which Sam slaps him in front of everyone and warns him to stay away from him.

Rest of the story is how he ruins her life by taking control of it by bugging her house and making her life miserable.

It is then revealed that he has spoiled other girls lives as well just because they had rejected his love.

In the end Sam takes revenge by killing him just after he wipes all the evidence which would prove that Sam killed him.

The case is closed and police doesn’t have any evidence of who killed Vivek. Sam is shown walking out of the office with her neighbor and childhood friend Rohan Mehra (Mohit Malhotra) seeming showing that Sam has started a fresh life with him.

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