Heart Melting Images from Across the Country Where Daily Laborer are Walking Hundreds of Kilometers with Family to Go Home and Striving for Water and Food on the Way Defying Death

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Due to the lock-down implemented to eradicate the deadly corona virus in the country, many people have problems of working, eating and drinking. Workers who came from far and wide to work in the capital Delhi and its surrounding areas are now returning to their homes on foot. Because neither the buses are running nor the rail. These people say that if we stay here miles away from our house, then we will die of hunger before the corona virus. See these emotional pictures.

Amid the ongoing lock-downs across the country, people went to their villages on the Agra-Kanpur National Highway carrying goods and children.

The workers had to take such a step due to the lockdown because they do not have any transport facility to go home.

One boy said that we were walking next to the railway track so that we do not deviate from the path.

A laborer said- If someone gave food, otherwise he would sleep after drinking water.

Another worker said – If you go out, the police kills. Employment has been lost.

Hundreds of workers who were working in the brick kiln are all in similar condition.

The workers said that the whole family, including our children, had not eaten anything for the last 48 hours.

A youth told the police, “From Jhansi we took a lift in the truck and reached Varanasi but after that we could not find any means. In such a situation we had no choice but to walk.”

Yesterday, the police gave food to some laborers and also gave some money.

The laborers are forced to walk to their home in search of food with their wife and 4 children.

In Lucknow, the police distributed food packets to the homeless people living under the Nishatganj bridge

During the lockdown, locals in Chennai distributed food and fruits to the needy.

Local people distributed food to laborers in Delhi yesterday.

Due to the lockdown, the government has advised everyone to stay in homes. At the same time, the government is taking necessary steps to ensure that the public does not have any kind of problem and no person should sleep hungry.

Some youths were going on foot from Varanasi to Samastipur in Uttar Pradesh yesterday, for this they were walking along the railway track.

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