Ignoring Covid-19 Warnings, Hundreds of Australians Seen “Standing Side by Side” at the Airport

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Hundreds of Australians from China, Japan and the Middle East returned, but did not obey the rules “social separation” at Sydney airport.

On March 26, Sally Prosser posted a video on Twitter showing that 300 to 400 people lined up to wait for entry at Sydney airport, despite the Australian Government’s recommendation to keep a dark distance. at least 1.5 meters to prevent Covid-19.

” It’s none of my business, ” Australian Customs Force officer replied when someone nearby asked about the incident.

Although many flights to Australia have been canceled, there are still many planes today from Doha in Qatar, Shanghai in China and Tokyo in Japan.

Despite signs that people should keep a distance of 1.5 meters, the passengers still stand close to each other, because there is no line separating the standing position as at New Zealand airport.

Mark Latham, New South Wales Senator, expressed concern after watching the video above.

” ‘If we don’t control this situation, we will have to blockade the country,” said Mark Latham.

Kristina Keneally, a spokesman for the Home Workers’ Committee, asked the Government to give an explanation for the situation at Sydney airport.

Sydney Airport has installed social isolation signs, hand sanitizers, and hospital disinfectants.

“ Airport security staff will remind everyone to comply with social isolation. We need everyone to listen and be responsible to follow, “said the representative of Sydney Airport.

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