Rajasthan: Vandalism to Dalit Youths in Nagaur, Rahul Gandhi Said – Take Stern Action; The Matter Also Arose in The Assembly

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Beating Of Youth. A case of beating of Dalit youth has come to light in Nagaur, Rajasthan. Police is investigating the case.

Beating Of Youth. A major case of Dalit atrocities has been reported in Rajasthan, in which one Dalit youth was brutally beaten and one youth was burnt in the private parts of Karanu village in Nagaur district. The video of the incident is viral on social media. In this case, police has arrested seven people and an Inspector General level officer has been sent to the spot for intensive investigation.

The incident is dated 16 February. In the afternoon, two boys, Visaram Nayak and his cousin brother Pannaram, went to the Om Auto Mobile Honda Motorcycle Agency in Karanu village to serve the bike at the agency and accused both of them of assault and theft in petrol in Guptang. A pouring incident occurred. Police claim that the police officer of Panchadi came to know about the incident on 19 February after the video went viral on social media. The Thanadikari came to know about the incident and thereafter lodged a report on behalf of the victims. The report said that along with him, Bhiv Singh, Aidan Singh, Jasu Singh, Sawai Singh, Lichhman Singh, Hadman Singh and Ganpatram Soni, accused them of robbery, hitting them with rubber belts and punches and using an iron screwdriver behind the service center Tie a cloth and put petrol in Visaram’s private parts. With all, Caste abuses, threatened and put hostage in the agency. Calling Visaram’s elder brother Durgaram, fined Rs 5100.

After Visaram’s condition worsened, he left home after getting first aid from Tantwas Hospital. Additional Director General of Rajasthan Police, Civil Rights Dr. Ravi Prakash said that a case was registered in this case under various sections of IPC and SC STC Act. At the same time, a report has been filed by the other party against the theft of 50 thousand rupees against these youths. He said that in this case, the police have arrested seven people who assaulted them. Hanuman Singh Rajput, Aidan Singh, Bhim Singh and other Muljiman Chhel Singh, Raghuveer Singh, Rahmatullah and Chhatar Singh have been arrested. He told that Inspector General of Police, Human Rights Bipin Kumar Pandey has been sent to Nagaur for investigation.

Rahul Gandhi said, take action government

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has called this cruel behavior with Dalit youth very frightening. He tweeted that the video showed two Dalit youths being brutally tortured. It is very frightening and sickening. The government should take immediate action.

No one will be spared: Gehlot

At the same time, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted that immediate and effective action has been taken in this case and seven accused have been arrested so far. No one will be spared in this case.

47 percent increase in one year

The cases of Dalit atrocities in Rajasthan are increasing rapidly and the government is not able to stop them. Talking about the year 2019, according to the police report, a total of 6794 cases of scheduled caste atrocities were registered and they increased by 47.47 percent compared to the year 2018. The most popular case last year was of the gang-rape of a Dalit woman in Thanagaji, Alwar. There were 554 cases of rape with Dalit women and these cases increased by 46.17 percent in 2019.

The matter also arose in the assembly

On the other hand, the matter also arose in the Assembly. Three National Democratic Party MLAs Narayan Beniwal, Pakhraj Garg and Indira Vishnoi, at the beginning of the Chief Minister’s budget speech, waved placards in the House and demanded action. These MLAs allege that the police came to know about the case two days ago, but the police first tried to hush up the case, but had to file a report if not successful. All three MLAs sat on a sit-in outside the assembly. At the same time, BJP President Satish Poonia said that this matter is very serious and shows the mental failure as well as the failure of the government. Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal has described the incident of assault with Dalit youth as a shame on humanity.

Performance in jodhpur

Dalit organizations in Jodhpur protested outside the collectorate against the beating of youths on charges of theft in Nagaur district and demanded strict action against the accused. After the video of the incident went viral, the police contacted the victims and registered a case against the seven accused, five of whom have been arrested. On Thursday, Dalit organizations protested outside the Jodhpur Collectorate against the case.

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