Robots Being Used for Logistics Purpose in Wuhan Coronavirus Infected Area to Avoid Infections to Delivery Persons

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In some other areas, may make delivery by drone. The logistics company of Chinese e-commerce giant will deploy delivery service in Wuhan in the context of corona virus disease is raging here, according to a press release from the company. When face-to-face contact with humans is restricted, said it has completed robot testing and completed the delivery routing in Wuhan.

A delivery robot. (Photo: Nikkei)

Although did not share details about the robot, the company said that the delivery robot could operate fully automatically with a maximum production of 30 packages and the ability to operate within a radius of 5 km. This robot takes advantage of facial recognition technology for delivery. also confirmed that it will move robots from other cities to Wuhan to ensure serving this blockaded city.

In more remote areas in Hubei, such as in Jiangsu and Shaanxi, also affected by the corona virus, will use drones to make deliveries.

In 2015, deployed a laboratory of logistics technologies and research to develop intelligent logistics solutions, including delivery drones, automated delivery robots, and logistics. dynamic. The e-commerce giant tested the unmanned robot for the first time in university campuses, residential areas and office buildings.

The corona virus is raging in China, especially Wuhan. (Image: The Hill) logistics company introduced smart delivery solution in many cities in China since 2018. When operating at maximum capacity, the maximum number of packages delivered is 2,000 per day.

6/2 day to date, the number of people infected with the virus nCoV around the world can have up to 28 262 people, of which 565 cases were killed and 1,208 cases have recovered.

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