US-Afghanistan Exchange Fire in Which Six American Soldiers Reported Being Killed

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At least six US soldiers were killed after militaries from the two countries suddenly opened fire in eastern Afghanistan.

US commandos patrol the border of Paktika province. Photo: AFP

According to The New York Times on 9-2, the incident took place when US and Afghan military forces launched joint operations in the area of ​​Nangarhar province. Specifically, US special task force groups participated in providing fire support to the Afghan allies to destroy a Taliban resistance here.

It is unclear why the two sides suddenly turned their guns on each other. The New York Times believes that there are two possibilities: (1) The gunman is a person of Tailiban inserted or an Afghan soldier with a pro-Taliban ideology, (2) There is a disagreement between the two sides, most likely a disagreement about tactical side.

US military forces in Afghanistan. Photo: REUTERS

Meanwhile, a local official named Sohrab Qaderi said that maybe the two sides had a mistake and shot at each other.

It is known that Afghan soldiers attacking American soldiers is not without precedent. At least 10 American soldiers have been killed by Afghan soldiers for personal hatred and cultural conflicts between 2012-2014. This was a period when the Pentagon had to increase its presence to fill the void left by NATO when the alliance ended its military service in Afghanistan.

The situation in recent years has been said to have improved as the US is gradually reducing military intervention in Afghanistan. Even so, hatred is still likely to occur as long as the soldiers on both sides work together.

In a statement after the incident the same day, US forces spokesman Sonny Leggett said the soldiers involved in the joint operation “were directly hit by fire” and caused casualties. However, Mr. Leggett did not say where the fire came from or whose it was.

“We are assessing the situation and will update more as soon as there is information” – US military representative confirmed.

The Kabul government has not released any official comment on casualties.

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