Youngest Coronavirus Infected is a 30 Hours Baby Found nCoV Positive Having Her Mother Tested Positive Before Giving Birth in Wuhan

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Wuhan records nCoV-infected infants suspected of being mother-to-child transmission. A baby in Wuhan was positive for nCoV just 30 hours after birth, the youngest case ever, and her mother had tested positive before giving birth.

Field hospital in Wuhan treats new cases of corona virus infection (Source: China Daily)

China Central Television (CCTV) said on Thursday that Chinese doctors had detected two cases of infants in Wuhan infected with the new strain of coronavirus (2019-nCoV), possibly transmitted by mother to child.

According to CCTV, a baby was positive for nCoV only 30 hours after birth, the youngest case ever, and her mother had a positive test before birth.

However, there was also optimism when 14 health workers in Wuhan who were positive for nCoV were discharged. February 5 is also the second consecutive day that new cases have decreased compared to the previous one.

According to the latest information released by Chinese authorities, the number of nCoV infections in the mainland as of February 6 was 28,018, including 563 deaths, of which Hubei alone accounted for 549.

Thus, the number of deaths in the outbreak of acute respiratory infections caused by nCoV worldwide is 565 cases, two cases outside China have one in Hong Kong, one in the Philippines.

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