Earlier we came out with the rumor that the event in which Sony would potentially reveal its new console would be this Thursday, June 11, has been confirmed by the same company through its Twitter account. The Twitch leak turned out to be so true that it made Sony rush to confirm the long-awaited event.

Initially, the PlayStation 5 event was scheduled for last Thursday, June 4, but it had to be postponed due to the protests that took place in the United States and part of the world following the death of George Floyd. Now with the certainty that Sony does not plan to move the calendar date again, let’s move on to review what we know about the anticipated event.

What we know about the ‘Future of Gaming’

So much expectation can only be generated when it comes to the presentation of a new console. Although Sony has not officially confirmed that it is the revelation of the PlayStation 5, the way in which they have handled the event makes us intuit that this event will not only have information about the console and new games, but the presentation to the world of the new generation live and direct.

According to the official PlayStation blog post, we know the event will be prerecorded and will stream at 1080p and 30 FPS. Sony recommends that we follow the event with headphones, since “there is some great audio work on the show, which can be more difficult to appreciate if it comes out of your phone or laptop speakers.

It will surely not be a boring or fleeting event, since, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, “it will last just over an hour” and it will be the first time that both the public and the organizers and developers have completely virtual. Social distancing has forced companies to rethink new ways of presenting their products, as Ryan describes it in his blog post:

“The lack of physical events has given us an incredible opportunity to think differently and invite them on this adventure with us, and we hope it will unite us much more than ever.”

What has been confirmed is that during this event we will have a look at the games that will come to the new generation of consoles, one that will start before the end of the year.

From PlayerOne we will be monitoring the event live, so don’t forget to keep up to date with our channels.