A case of murder after raping a 42-year-old woman has been reported in Perumbavoor, near Kochi in Kerala. The incident took place at 1 pm on Tuesday (November 26, 2019). The accused has been identified as Omar Ali, an Assam expatriate. Police have arrested Umar. Now further inquiries are on.

Giving information about the incident on Wednesday (November 27, 2019), the police said that in the morning, near the shop in the city, a laborer saw the body of a naked woman soaked in blood. After which the police got the information. During the investigation in the case, it was found that the woman was first raped and then stabbed to the head and killed her with a shovel.

According to the police, the accused broke CCTV cameras installed in a nearby building to hide his identity as the entire incident was captured in them. But the police identified him with the help of some other captured footage and soon arrested him.

According to the report of Hindustan Times, the police gave information about the woman and said that the deceased woman was a resident of Ernakulam district Kuruppampadi. She was separated from her family and lived alone in Perumbavoor. Which is an industrial area and there is a large number of migrant laborers from the North East.

According to the police involved in the investigation, the reason for the crime is not yet clear. Omar is being questioned in the entire case. Police have found 30 deep wounds on the woman’s face. Apart from this, the shovel has also been recovered, which attacked the woman.

According to the report, a senior police officer in Ernakulam says that they are interrogating the accused Umup with the help of a translator in the entire case. It is possible that they will get further information in the coming days.

It is noteworthy that this is the third case related to migrant laborers. Earlier, in the year 2016, the case of first rape and barbaric murder of a student studying law has come into the limelight. In which Amirul Islam of Assam was convicted and after completion of investigation he was sentenced to death. Following this incident, there were several protests against migrant laborers in the state. Because at present, there are at least 3 million migrant laborers in the state of Kerala.