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Oh, Bong Joon-ho is back in 2019, the first Korean film to receive the Golden Palm Awards <PARASITE> (Korea · Drama · May 30, 2019 · Director: Bong Joon-ho · Appearance: Song Kang-ho, etc.). Someone was stuck in “Seoul University’s Document Forgery Department or something like this”, and someone was stuck in “Their Plan”, “Zappa Frog”, “The Great King Castella”. Elegant people, about the things and situations placed in the corners of the film metaphor (metaphor) * find or ahjang seumang (AGENCEMENT) ** or mise en scene (Scene mise EN) ** * in the day to find, deoreoneun interpretation of the reader Symbols such as “stairs”, “basement”, “pictures of clusters”, “opening names, pretends”, etc. ** or Allegory * * ** * Searched for. Activists are stuck in the capital structure, and conservative politicians seem to be angry with the leftist tendencies. Some say that Kiwoo (Choi Woo-sik) ‘s hope to’ make money and buy a mansion ‘could be fulfilled, someone said’ impossible ‘, someone was angry, someone laughed, and someone wept. Someone else“I was ashamed,” he said.

Do not enlarge. Let’s get rid of this and that hidden behind the movie. The story and development of this film is so simple that it is possible to throw away something that is revealed on the surface, glittering on the surface of the water, decorative and modified decorations, and discard elegant things such as metaphors, agencement, symbols and metaphors. Who is a parasite (寄生蟲) that lives by taking away the nutrients of other organisms for its life ? Who lives in the basement of the residence of a global company doctor (Dong-ik Lee, Sun-gyun Lee) and opens their refrigerators to nourish, that is, parasitic? Geun-se (Park Myung-hun) steals food by opening the refrigerator once a week while secretly living in the basement of the mansion, Moon Gwang (Lee Jung-eun) takes nutrition from the mother, and Gi-woo (Choi Woo-sik) and Gi-jung (Park So-dam) trying to ingest nutrients from the mother ), Chungsook (Jang Hye-jin) and other family members. I want to tolerate and refuse, but it is clear that these are parasites. Do not pity them.

Expand it, let’s not call it a parasite for his handsome, handsome and caring father, Dr. Dong-ik (Lee Seon-gyun), his good and beautiful bridge (Jo Yeo-jung), and his son Dasong (Jung Hyun-jun), who likes to play Indian games. It doesn’t appear in the movie, but if they ask, ‘Isn’t it parasitic behind the capital structure?’ The things behind the film can be left to the director Bong Joon-ho. Those of you who watched this movie and said, ‘You are ashamed to shut your mouth,’ you were wise.

But let us say this. Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) Your family was not a parasite from the beginning. They became parasites from the moment they planned the ‘plan’ to nourish the mansion. When living in a ring and folding pizza wrapping paper, the family (Gang-ho Song), who climbs the stairs to find Wi-Fi, was not a parasite. Kiwoo (Choi Woo-sik) and Ki-jung (Park So-dam) were parasites from the beginning of the movie, but they were not originally parasites. They became parasites when lying in the mansion’s garden, looking up to the sky, secretly opening their refrigerators to nourish, and bleeding and getting wet and crawling into the dark, cryptic basement. Yes. We should say : They were not parasites, but they became parasites . This is sad, people who shy away.

Poor yet enjoyable and independent ! They are possible at the same time. Poor yet enjoyable and slavery ! This is also possible. (Omitted) It is foolish to believe that their miserable lives can be essentially overcome by high salaries . In other words, higher wages do not prevent the impersonal enslavement they are suffering from, as soon as I hear that the shamefulness of slavery can be transformed into a virtue by increasing impersonality within this new mechanical mechanism of society. What a stupid thing, oh, that you have a price in return for being a screw, not a person, are you, above all , a conspirator of stupidity by the people who are trying to produce as much as possible and become as rich as possible ?

Where is your inner value if you no longer know what it means to breathe freely? You have the power to dominate yourself if you did not have the slightest? What if you are fed up with yourself like a drunk liquor? What if you listened to the newspapers, stared at the wealthy neighbors, and were motivated by your desires by the rapid upheaval of power, money, and public opinion ? You are in rags philosophy of muyok people wearing free spirit does not believe any more, certainly look good to the spiritual people than among your free pastoral life money without a job even spouses are to you laugh if the ?

Ah, this is tragedy and ruin. Nietzsche says ‘ the person working in the basement ‘, ‘ the person who penetrates, digs, digs underneath and turns over ‘ ** ** ** was not like this. Nietzsche’s ‘Worker Underground ‘ went into the basement himself for production and production, but the family of Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) climbed the stairs to go to the ground and entered the host’s body . Are you, above all , conspirators of foolishness to produce as much as possible and become as rich as possible? They rolled down. The head was pressed with a stone and the side was stuck on the barbecue window. Can some climb the stairs to reach the ground? Could it be? Even so, someone else has no choice but to roll. A higher wage does not mean that you are not a slave. Everyone’s wages cannot be raised . Thisisa tragedy of our time. Slavoj Žižek (Slavoj Žižek, Slavoj Zizek, 1949 year ~ now) To borrow the words within the capitalist structure we have, samneun the blood of others to form “good manners, beautiful, aristocratic” vampire (vampire) is or ( Dr. Jang’s family) You have to be a “poor , slow, dirty” Zombie who attacks and eats the batter’s flesh (household family).

Ow, people who ‘closed their mouths in shame’, this is not the right answer, but it may be the answer. My basement and the host’s basement are different. In my basement I am not parasitic. I am parasitic when hiding in the host’s body and opening the refrigerator . When we crawl into this system, we have no choice but to parasitize . Learn solitude. If you go into this sad structure, you lose all true productivity . Do not confuse ‘decimal’ as creation or process with ‘decimal’ as set or state. We do not go up the stairs to enter the identity of the majority, but run away from the identity and walk into the minority- becoming the subject of creation.

“There are so many male creations, but why not male-made? Because males are predominantly majority, while generations are minority, and all generations are minority-. The majority we understand is relative It means not a large amount but a condition or standard that can be said to be a minority in a state or standard, i.e., a smaller amount in relation to it, a larger amount, such as male-adult-white-human. Presupposing a state of domination, not vice versa, it is not a matter of knowing more mosquitoes or flies than humans, but how men inevitably form a standard in the universe and inevitably males in relation to it. It is important to know whether the criteria have been established, the majority in the city presupposes the right to vote, and is not only established among those who hold the right to vote, but the right to vote. It is exercised to those who did not (Omitted) should not be confused with the ‘hydrophobic’ as a set or status as a ‘minority’ as generate or process . For example, the Jews, can form a minority in certain conditions, such as gypsies. (Omitted ) on a hydrophobic as a state we territorialization re-territorialization or material because it presented, but are territorialization de sokeseoneun create this black Panther haldongga they said, even the blacks to be black. even women should be women state is not enough No. Being feminine inevitably transforms not only female, but also male, in a sense the subject of creation is always ‘male’.He is the subject of creation only if he enters into the minority-being that separates him from the identity of the majority.

Metaphor : Indirect and implicit representation by replacing the characteristics of an action, concept, or object with words that are different or irrelevant.
** Agencement : Cinematic arrangement for dramatic effect.
** * Mise en scene : French for placing on stage. In the play, it means the composition of props and backgrounds placed on the stage, and the actors’ movement. In the movie, the camera’s out-of-angle movement, lighting, set, and actor to be contained in the frame, which is the minimum structure of the party, It means formative elements such as acting, costume and makeup.
*** * Symbol : The expression of an abstract fact, thought, or feeling as a representative symbol or concrete object.
* *Allegory : A form of expression that conveys meaning metaphorically. It is also referred to as Wuui (, 意), Poongyu (諷 喩). Allegory, in its detail, lasts longer than metaphors and contains more full meaning, while allegory appeals to reason or logic, while allegory appeals to imagination. The fable is a short allegory with one clear lesson. In general, if metaphor is a concept used in words or sentences, allegory is a concept that has a much larger scope, such as an allegory, as a whole story.
  *** ** “Morning” (Friedrich Nietzsche · Book World · 2004 · Original title: Morgenro “the, 1881) <Preface> p.9