Rahul Gandhi’s Counter Attack, Said- PM Modi Always Talks About Congress and Nehru Family, But Never Says About Unemployment

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Rahul Gandhi reversed PM Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha. Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi does not speak a word on unemployment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today targeted the Congress during his speech in the Lok Sabha. He said that why the Congress did not remember the Constitution during the Emergency. Along with this, the PM said that those people should remember the mantra of saving the Constitution again and again who sacked many state governments. Now Rahul Gandhi hit back at PM Modi.

Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi’s style is going to distract the country from the core issues. He talks about the Congress, talks about Jawaharlal Nehru, talks about Pakistan but does not talk about the core issues. He said, “The biggest issue facing the country is employment. Every youth of this country wants to get employment after studies. We asked the PM several times but he did not say a word on it. Tell the youth of the country what you are doing for them.

The earlier government worked half-heartedly – PM Modi

Taking a dig at the earlier Congress government, PM Modi said that whatever work was done earlier was done by weighing the scales of politics and half-heartedly. Whereas our government did it under a long-term policy to solve problems. Due to this, the economy grew further and inflation remained stable.

In response to the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address, PM Modi said in the Lok Sabha that people have changed only one government, it is not only this, but also expected to change the concern. He said, “No one can deny that the country has been trying every moment to take on challenges.” Sometimes the country has also seen the habits of not looking at the challenges. We have seen such people, not the ability to choose challenges.

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