Trump: ‘America is stronger than ever’

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Trump read the Third Federal Message during his tenure, highlighting the economic achievements he achieved, while House Speaker Pelosi tore a copy of the message.

US President Donald Trump reads the 2020 Federal Message at the National Assembly building at 21:00 on February 4 (9:00 AM on February 5, Hanoi time). This is the third Federal Message in his term.

The “designated survivor” during this year’s federal message reading was Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. The US government has always appointed a cabinet member as a “survivor” in case of a disaster that could kill the entire US leadership. In that case, the “designated survivor” will become president to maintain the operation of the US state apparatus.

At the beginning of the message, Trump praised the economic achievements of the United States during the three years in power as “booming jobs, soaring incomes, falling poverty, declining crime, rising faith”, and America “is very respected again”!

Trump read the 2020 Federal Message in the US Congress on 4 February, behind him is Vice President Pence (left) and Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi. Photo: AFP

“The enemy of America is on the run, the fortunes of the United States are increasing and the future of the United States is bright,” Trump said. “The average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any government in American history. If we didn’t reverse the previous failed economic policies of the government, the world is not is a witness to America’s great economic success. “

Trump thinks he holds the most promise to voters than his predecessors. Every time Trump stopped reading, Republican congressmen stood up and clapped and cheered loudly, while the Democrats just sat on the opposite side, with no reaction.

The US president said his administration had signed important trade deals with China and passed a bill to enforce the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), a version that replaces the Free Trade Agreement. by North America (NAFTA) that Trump has repeatedly asked to tear up. Trump said he had persuaded his allies to contribute more than $ 400 billion to NATO, and the number of countries that met the minimum requirements for defense costs had doubled.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who called himself the interim Venezuelan president in January 2019, was a guest at Trump’s Federal Message reading. The US President gave Guaido many compliments and introduced him to those present.

Venezuelan opposition leader in US Congress. Photo: AFP

Trump boasted that the creation of the Space Forces and the U.S. military was equipped with the best equipment such as aircraft, missiles, warships and all other types of military equipment. He also thanked First Lady Melania for her contributions to American children.

Referring to his domestic policy, Trump said he had succeeded in reforming the criminal justice system, which was previously considered impossible. His administration has also reduced medical expenses by more than 60%, completed more than 160 km of border walls and will complete more than 800 km of walls by the beginning of next year.

The President of the United States then awarded the Order of Freedom, the highest award for the people, to stage 4 cancer patients, veteran Rush Limbaugh. Many members of the Democratic Party protested, because Limbaugh was considered a symbol of the Republican party and also a close ally of the White House boss.

Trump said the United States is working closely with China to prevent epidemics and protect the health of American people from the acute pneumonia caused by the new strain of corona virus (nCoV).

He also urged bipartisan parliamentarians to pass laws banning abortion because “every human being is a gift of God”. At least two Democratic congressmen left after Trump repeatedly criticized his opponent for issues such as rising drug prices and birth rights.

Trump cited US ambition in the space program, calling on Congress to fund the Artemis program to send American astronauts to the Moon, turning this place into a launch pad to ensure “America is the first country. flag on Mars “.

The White House boss also mentioned the destruction of the supreme Islamic State (IS) self-proclaimed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, and said his administration was working hard to end the US battle in the Middle East.

At the end of the 2020 Federal Message, Trump praised the United States and thanked the attendees. House Speaker Pelosi ripped off a copy of Trump’s Federal Message as soon as Republican members and attendees stood up and applauded.

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