“Come on, I killed her.” That disturbing call came to the police of the Sicilian coastal town of Furci Siculo this morning. He turned out to be from the 28-year-old dentistry student Antonio De Pace. Just before that, he had strangled his girlfriend Lorena Quaranta (27).

According to a reconstruction by the police, the two would have had a heated argument in their apartment. De Pace would have grabbed and strangled his girlfriend by the throat.

Emergency services

After calling the police, he tried to take his own life. However, the emergency services quickly arrived and were able to save the man. He is not in mortal danger.

The couple had been together for several years. De Pace was a nurse and studied dentistry at the University of Messina since last year. Lorena Quaranta studied medicine at the same university. The rector of the university concerned speaks of a “quarantine drama” in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “Experts warned that compulsory living together can amplify family conflicts,” said Salvatore Cuzzocrea.

On social media it can be seen that Lorena was a passionate student. On Friday, she still indignantly shared an article by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, which reported on the deaths of dozens of doctors who would have had to fight the new corona virus without the necessary protective equipment.


“Now more than ever we need to show responsibility and love for life,” she called earlier this month to properly comply with quarantine measures in Italy. “Show respect for yourself, your family and your country. And think of those who take to the road every day to take care of our sick. Let’s stay united. Everyone in their own home. Let us try to avoid the next sick being ourselves or our loved ones.”

Just like on the Facebook page of Antonio De Pace, Lorena shows a lot of photos of the seemingly perfect couple. On New Year, she posted another picture of them partying. In doing so, she wrote a declaration of love to her boyfriend. “I like people who are a bit crazy,” it says. “The unexpected hugs, the spontaneous gestures and the abundant laughter. People who give you gifts. Making you drunk with emotion. And infect you with their joy. I love every second and every year that I am with you. ”

The young woman’s Facebook page is today flooded with grief messages. Hate messages are posted on her boyfriend’s. The Public Prosecution Service has meanwhile started an investigation and De Pace has been questioned.


The murder raises concerns about women who have been victims of domestic violence and are now required to sit at home with their partner due to the lockdown. Last weekend, a woman was also killed by her partner in the United Kingdom  , where quarantine measures were also pointed out.

The president of the feminic commission in the Italian Senate, Valeria Valente, denounced “yet another murder of women in a house where the corona crisis obliges us to stay inside”. “Ask the person who could hurt you to leave and, at worst, leave and take your kids with you,” she said. Valente also repeated that there is an emergency number for people who are in such a situation.

Minister for Equality between Men and Women and for the Family Elena Bonetti emphasized last week that it is necessary to provide refuges for women who are victims of violence and who are required to sit at home with their violent partner due to the lockdown measures.