Metrics represent a very important element when studying the scope of a website. In this sense, Google Analytics is the main platform to obtain all this information that, if well interpreted, can lead to an excellent strategy to attract more visits. However, getting familiar with its interface is something that for many is usually complicated, considering the amount of options and information that is presented.

In this sense, we want to present you a web service whose function is to serve Google Analytics information in a much more digestible way, its name is Shanc.

Read your metrics more easily

When we have a website, it is essential to know the data regarding the visits we receive, where they come from, the devices used, how much time users spend on our site and much more. This data will help us improve the quality and orientation of our publications, in order to obtain more visits or retain users for longer. However, Google Analytics is not very friendly for everyone, so having a reader who makes the information more digestible would be excellent and this is precisely what Shanc offers.

Shanc is a service that you can use for free just by following the link at the end of this article and logging in with your Google account.

Once inside, you will see that it is a fairly minimalist interface that eliminates all the noise of Google Analytics to show us exactly what interests us. The interface is quite friendly and the service has the possibility of customizing the view in order to show only the metrics that interest us the most.

Additionally, Shanc incorporates the function of sending reports, so that each week you can obtain a detailed document with the metrics of your website. If you stayed away from your site metrics due to not familiarizing yourself well with Google Analytics, Shanc will make your life easier by displaying information in a simpler way.

To try it out, follow this link.