In 1983, Nividu Bosque in Peru was determined to die. Accordingly, the deaf and dumb boy was buried in a coffin placed in a concrete tomb. However, this person has not really died, so he “resurrected the grave” after 2 years of burial.

World history records a number of ” grave relics ” after being declared dead and buried. The case of Nividu Bosque in a country in Peru is one of them.

In January 1983, Nividu Bosque was suddenly dumb and stopped breathing. Accordingly, he is thought to be dead.

Therefore, family members held a funeral for Nividu before being buried. Nividu’s body was placed in a coffin before being buried underground.

Unbelievably, after being buried, Nividu suddenly woke up and found himself buried alive . Although he tried to find a way out of this dangerous situation, he could not. Accordingly, in order to maintain the above special environment, Nividu ate lizards, earthworms and insects.

Two years later, a long heavy rain caused Vividu’s tomb to be partially damaged. Therefore, Vividu’s relatives hired workers to repair his tomb.

When they arrived, they could not help but startled when they saw Vividu sitting on the coffin in a messy, messy manner. So, after 2 years living in a coffin, Vividu returned to normal life which made many people surprised and unbelievable.