Details of Airbus’ Unique Future Aircraft Model

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According to Business Insider, at the recent Singapore Air Show 2020, Airbus Group introduced an aircraft design that combines wings and fuselage to help reduce 20% of carbon emissions.

Airbus said last year that its engineering team had conducted demonstration flights on a 3.2-meter-wide Maveric model aircraft at a secret location in France.

Airbus’ future aircraft, called the Maveric, uses a “mixed fuselage” design. (Image: Airbus)
Instead of mounted under the wings, the engine will be attached to stabilizers along the back and on top of the aircraft. (Image: Airbus)
According to Airbus, this design is about 20% less fuel efficient than current single-aisle models with the same engine. (Image: Airbus)
The Maveric design is similar to the B-2 Spirit stealth aircraft, being used in the US military. (Image: US Air Force)
Airbus is also studying how the cabin works and how the aircraft is integrated with airports. (Image: Airbus)
The airline said the spacious and unusual configuration of the aircraft opened up new possibilities for cabin design. The “mixed wing” design will make the aircraft wider, forcing the cabin area to be placed side by side. (Image: Airbus)
Spacious design creates more open space in the cabin. (Image: Airbus)
Not only saving fuel, Airbus’ future aircraft model is also said to reduce noise. (Image: Airbus)

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