Importance of Handwashing Could Save Lives, Discovered by scientist Ignaz Semmelweis 150 Years Ago That Google Doodle Reminds Today


New doodle reminds scientist who suggested handwashing for the first time. 150 years ago Ignaz Semmelweis discovered that washing hands was one of the most effective measures to save lives.

In the midst of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the biggest recommendation anyone could give us right now is that we shouldn’t stop washing our hands … NEVER! Today hand washing is a routine activity that even mechanically and, nevertheless, being a simple measure of sanitary hygiene saved lives 150 years ago thanks to a scientist named Ignaz Semmelweis. He is the pioneer of antisepsis, and today, through a didactic doodle, Google pays tribute to the man who gave us one of the most effective solutions to counteract diseases.

Semmelweis was born in Buda, Hungary, on July 1, 1818. During the 19th century as the new director of the Vienna General Hospital, an infection known as “infant fever” began to cause high mortality rates in first-time mothers. After a thorough investigation, which was not even recognized at first, Semmelweis discovered that the doctors who attended the deliveries did not have adequate hygiene measures.

Semmelweis set about finding the cause. After a thorough investigation, he deduced that doctors were passing infectious material from previous operations and autopsies to susceptible mothers through their hands. He immediately instituted the requirement that all medical personnel wash their hands between patient examinations, and as a result, infection rates in their division began to plummet. 

Unfortunately, many of Semmelweis’ pairs initially viewed his ideas with skepticism. Decades later, his hygiene recommendations were validated by the widespread acceptance of the “germ disease theory.”

Today, Semmelweis is widely remembered as “the father of infection control,” credited with revolutionizing not only obstetrics, but the medical field as well, informing generations beyond his own that handwashing is one of the most effective ways. to prevent the spread of disease, “explains Google.

The new Google doodle also explains how to wash our hands properly:

This day also coincides with the date that Semmelweis became a hospital assistant where he made this modest but great discovery. The simple but life saving theory not taken as serious as should have been taken. The “Swachh Bharat Mission” started by PM Modi also a similar attempt which will be understood by the world in its true spirit in due course of time. Because there is no alternate to cleanliness.

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