On the one hand, efforts are being made to put China in the question regarding the origin of Kovid-19 and it is being described as a biological weapon of China, while a scientific research with the help of many countries including the US has claimed This virus is natural.

The research at the Scripps Research Institute is published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Medicine. The research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health of America, the Wellcome Trust of Britain, the European Research Council and the Australian Laureate Council, and experts from half a dozen institutions have been involved.

China sequenced genome

According research paper of the immediately after identifying the Kovid-19 and made the data public. Scientists from Kovid-19’s genome researched its evolution and development. Scientists have deeply studied the structure of the virus. Analyzed the genetic template of the spike protein found in it. Also studied the structure of the receptor binding domain (RBD) within it. RBD is the part of the virus that sticks to a human cell. It attacks the blood pressure controlling gene ACE-2. Scientists say that the structure of the spike protein and RBD makes it clear that it is not created by genetic engineering but is a result of natural changes.

According to research, the structure of the virus’s backbone also confirms its natural origin. The backbone structure of the Kovid-19 does not match the appearance of the existing backbone of the corona or any other virus. Rather it is new. If a virus is prepared by genetic engineering in the lab, then its backbone has to be created from the existing virus.

Christine Anderson, Associate Professor at the Scripps Institute, said the above two reasons are enough to prove that the Kovid-19 is not made in the lab, but has grown naturally over the years.

Where did you come from?

In this research, scientists tried to know how it reached humans. There are two arguments on this. One is that the old corona virus changed to animals and then to humans. The other idea is that this is the new virus and went from bats to another and from there into humans. Scientists have disagreed with the possibility of bats coming directly into humans.