Regular smoking and drinking lead to accelerated brain aging, scientists at the University of Southern California said. The results of their research are published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Specialists led by Professor Arthur Toga compared the brain images of respondents taken from the British biobank. Using artificial intelligence, scientists determined the relative age of the brain of a person prone to bad habits, in comparison with the average age of the brain of his peers who do not abuse alcohol and tobacco.

It turned out that daily smoking a pack of cigarettes during the year contributes to the aging of the brain by 0.03 years, that is, by about 11 days. Each gram of alcohol a person consumes per day increases the relative age of the brain by 0.02 years (approximately seven days).

At the same time, experts noted that, nevertheless, the influence of these bad habits is not too great. In addition, DNA changes that contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease or dementia were found in only one pair of brain genes.

“The brain of all subjects functioned normally. If people with limited brain functions participated in the study, the result could be more significant, ”the Kurier says .

At the end of January, scientists from Harvard University came to the conclusion that moderate alcohol consumption and a number of habits can increase life expectancy.