Singer Kanika Kapoor stopped in Kanpur on 12 and 13 March. She joined a party in Kanpur. Apart from this, her maternal uncle Vipul Tandon was involved in the house entry in Kalpana Apartment. Who are those people attended Kanika Kapoor’s party? Where did the party took place? How many people came into contact with it? UP’s principal secretary Home has ordered an inquiry about all this.

@ANI: Correction – Singer Kanika Kapoor (in file pic), who tested positive for #COVID19, stayed at Taj Hotel in Lucknow and attended several functions in the city, booked for negligence by Uttar Pradesh police.

A big FIR has been revealed against Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor. According to the FIR, on March 14, it was known that at the airport checking Kanika Kapoor was infected with Corona. Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey has told that on March 11, Kanika Kapoor had come to Lucknow. Kanika Kapoor, who returned from London, has been found corona positive. After returning from London, she had parties at many places including Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. An FIR has been filed against Kanika Kapoor in Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj and Sarojini Nagar.

The big question here is, when it was found that she is corona positive, how she left out and had parties. This is a big lapse of the government. She should have been sent to the quarantine and only after she declared corona negative, she should have been released. With corona positive she went out of airport premise, went to house, and organized parties itself show our government is equally responsible for this spread of virus as singer Kanika Kapoor. There should be FIRs against those officials who tested her positive and left quietly.

Hotel Taj Mahal of Lucknow closed until further orders

Kanika Kapoor, who joined three parties from March 11 to 17 in Lucknow, turned out to be Corona positive, one of which was also attended by UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh. BJP MP Dushyant Singh, his mother and former CM of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje also joined the party on 15 March. Kanika also stayed at Hotel Taj in Lucknow during this time. Which is closed till the next order.

While in Lucknow, I attended a dinner with my son Dushyant & his in-laws. Kanika, who has unfortunately tested positive for #Covid19 was also a guest. As a matter of abundant caution, my son & I have immediately self-quarantined and we’re taking all necessary precautions.

Kalpana Apartment sanitized in Kanpur

It is being told that singer Kanika Kapoor stopped in Kanpur on 12 and 13 March. She joined a party in Kanpur. Apart from this, her maternal uncle Vipul Tandon had joined the house entrance in Kalpana Apartment. After this disclosure, the health department team sanitized the Kalpana tower. Kanika Kapoor’s relatives are being investigated.

UP Principal Secretary Home ordered inquiry

When Kanika Kapoor returned to India from London, at that time there were 278 cases of corona in Britain. Despite this, Kanik Kapoor did the party instead of getting herself examined. Which people attended Kanika Kapoor’s party? Where did the party take place? How many people came into contact with it? UP’s principal secretary Home has ordered an inquiry about this.

Singer Kanika Kapoor Met 23 People in Kanpur, All Isolated

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who was hit by Corona virus, was in Kanpur on 13 and 14 March. She came to Kalpana Tower in Vishnupuri on the occasion of her entry to her relative’s house. Within two days, she had also met 23 people. On Friday, health news and district administration erupted as news of Kanika’s confirmation of Corona positive spread. The officers isolated the 23 people involved in the entry into the apartment in a hurry. Samples of 19 of the 23 people who were with Kanika were sent to KGMU Lucknow by special messenger.

A stampede-like situation arose after the Health Department team reached the apartment. Fear among the people was such that everyone came out with the goods. In the late evening many people escaped after filling their clothes in the briefcase. On the other hand, the nervous health department has sent the report to the government. Along with this, three teams have been deployed in the apartment so that the flat can be monitored.

Kanika’s relatives told the health department team that she had been at home for two days. A total of 68 people were present during the event. Kanika was involved in worship, dinner and photo session with everyone. Two of these families came from Kanpur and two other mohallas. Those attending home admission have been advised not to come out for 14 days. The health department team has been guarded at the gate.

However, the details of all the people have been recorded. The 9-storey Kalpana Tower has 36 flats. CMO Dr. Ashok Shukla says that rescue arrangements have been made by taking all the details of those who meet the singer. All those involved in the event have been isolated. Neighbors have also been advised not to give information.

Did not dare to go to the apartment: After getting the information, the health department team and ACM-6 reached Kalpana Tower, but did not dare to enter the apartment. People passing by the way also got away. Passengers were advised not to go through this route. Fear was also seen among those who came out of the path leading to Ganga Barrage from Company Bagh through Vishnupuri Colony.

Kanika was called a male in the investigation report: Singer in the KGMU microbiology department was negligent in preparing the investigation report of Kanika. In this, Kanika is written as Purush. Age is also recorded at 40.

Dushyant Singh was among the MPs who attended the refreshment program organized by President Ram Nath Kovind on 18 March. He also attended a meeting of the Parliamentary Party on Transport, Tourism and Culture on Wednesday, in which around 20 MPs attended. The MPs who came in contact with Dushyant have separated themselves. After dinner with Kanika Kapoor, Dushyant Singh attended an event with several politicians including the president of India, who Tweeted about it (below).



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