Sonia Gandhi has besieged the Modi government after being hired from workers returning home. Sonia Gandhi said that Congress units will pay the rent of the workers. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has surrounded the Modi government for the return of workers, questioning the rent being charged from them. At the same time, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also tweeted about this from his official Twitter account.

Rahul Gandhi wrote in a tweet, “On the one hand the Railways is charging ticket fares from the trapped laborers in other states, while on the other hand the Ministry of Railways is donating Rs 151 crore to the PM Care Fund. Just solve this trick.

Rahul Gandhi's Tweet On Railways Donating To Pmcares Fund While Collecting From Laborers The Train Fare

At the same time, Sonia Gandhi said in her statement that while Indians from abroad can be brought free of cost, Rs 100 crore can be spent in a program in Gujarat for transport and food, the Ministry of Railways will give Rs 151 crore in Prime Minister’s Corona Fund If you can, then why can’t the workers pay the rent?

Raising the issue, Sonia Gandhi announced that now the state Congress committees of the Congress will bear the ticket cost of the train journey to return to the home of every needy laborer and worker. Will also take necessary steps in this regard.

Significantly, Sonia Gandhi also alleged that due to lockdown on only four hours notice, millions of workers and workers were deprived of returning home. He said that after the Partition of 1947, the country saw for the first time a shocking view that thousands of workers and workers were forced to return home after walking hundreds of kilometers.


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