Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput left this world, but left behind many questions. All the statements and questions are coming up on his departure, someone is asking why Sushant you did this. So someone is saying Sushant, I realize why you did this. Suicidal man like Sushant Singh Rajput and a great actor is committing suicide by committing suicide.

Mukesh Bhatt’s statement came after the actor’s death, in which he said that he had realized that Sushant was going through some trouble. Something is fishy. Director Shekhar Kapur’s tweet further deepened these questions. Shekhar wrote that he knew who was responsible for it, although he did not take anyone.

But, now the statement of writer Suhrata Sengupta, who works with Mahesh Bhatt, has come out as shocking and shocking. According to Sengupta, Sushant’s condition was getting worse day by day. Muhesh Bhatt had also warned his friend Riya Chakravarty about this.

‘Sushant’s condition was like Parveen Babi’

According to the news of IWMBuzz, Mahesh Bhatt had said that Sushant’s condition is like Parveen Bobby. He told Riya to get separated from the actor, otherwise it could have an impact on him. The writer said, ‘Sushant came to meet Bhatt Saheb in connection with’ Road 2 ‘. He was very talkative. He could talk on every topic. Whether it is quantum physics or cinema. During this time, Bhatt Saheb understood that Sushant’s condition was like that of Parveen Babi. Now only medicines could cure them. Riya, who had been with Sushant for some time, had tried hard to get medicines on time, but Sushant refused to take medicines. Sushant was going through a very bad depression.

The voices were beginning to be heard

Sushant had distanced himself from the outside world for almost a year. Riya was with him, but she could not stay for long. Now the time had come when Sushant was beginning to hear strange sounds. He started to feel that people are trying to kill him. One day Riya and Sushant were watching Anurag Kashyap’s film at the actor’s house. During this, he told Riya ‘I said no to Anurag Kashyap’s film, now he will kill me’.

Riya Chikravarti was scared

Riya was scared after hearing Sushant’s words. Riya was scared after listening to Anurag Kashyap. When he shared this matter with Mahesh Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt advised Riya to get away from Sushant immediately. Mahesh Bhatt explained to Riya that she can do nothing now. If she stays with Sushant, then it will also have a bad effect on her. Riya then decided to part with Sushant. Riya was just waiting for Sushant’s sister to come from Mumbai. Riya left the actor’s house as soon as Sushant’s sister arrived. Sushant’s sisters tried to convince him a lot, but he was not ready to understand anything.