The use of cables to make connections has been practically deprecated when it comes to technology. Wireless mechanisms came to make life easier and more comfortable and in that sense, the transfer of files between computers and smartphones is much simpler by using these mechanisms. In this sense, we want to present you an application for Android that, using the WiFi network, allows communication with the computer in order to share data quickly.

Its name is Sweech and its method of transferring files is much more comfortable, faster and easier than proceeding with the use of cables.

Transfer files via WiFi

Previously, when we wanted to transfer a file from the smartphone to the computer, we had to first go through the connection through the cable, configure the storage or data transfer mode and then enter the memory to locate the file in question. All these steps could be complicated for many users, therefore, the wireless methods came to make everything more comfortable and Sweech is an example of this. The application works by enabling a port through which we can connect from the computer to access the file system.

In this way, to start transferring data between the smartphone and the computer, install the app on your Android and run it. Immediately, an IP address will be displayed that you must enter as it appears, in the address bar of your browser. This will give you access to the folders on your smartphone and allow you to copy the data you want to the computer. Likewise, you can drag data from the computer to the file system shown in the browser to save it on the smartphone.

Additionally, Sweech will allow you to play your music, in addition to viewing your photosand videos from the browser interface. In general, it is a fairly simple mechanism that saves us many steps when transferring data.

To get it, follow this link.