According to Coronavirus Ratan Tata, Tata Trusts and Tata group companies have been coming forward to cater to the needs of the country in the past.

Tata Trust to donate Rs. 500 crore in this crisis to provide:

  • PPE for medical personnel
  • Respiratory Systems
  • Testing Kits
  • Setting up Modular Treatment Facilities
  • Training of Healthcare workers

Tata Trusts has committed Rs 500 crore to compete with Coronavirus. The press release issued by Tata Trusts on Saturday said that the funds from the company were used for activities like purchasing essential equipment for health workers, respiratory system related cases, testing kits. Will go.

Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Trusts, said, “Emergency resources need to be deployed at an immediate level to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.”

Ratan Tata has tweeted in this regard saying, “COVID 19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges we are all facing. “Tata Trusts and Tata group companies have also stood for the needs of the country in the past. The need is greatest at this time.”

Tata said in a statement, “We express our gratitude and respect to every person from all the member organizations who are risking their lives to fight against this epidemic.” Allowed to use its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. The move is expected to benefit local communities, where various business groups run their businesses and are seen working with states to tackle the crisis. Due to this epidemic, economic activities have been disrupted and there is a significant impact on life.