The number of people dying from nCoV in Spain surpasses China

Spain recorded 3,434 deaths from nCoV, while the number of deaths in mainland China was 3,281.

Fernando Simon, the official in charge of emergency response of the Spanish Ministry of Health, announced today in Madrid that the country recorded an additional 7,937 cases and 238 deaths, bringing the total number of cases and deaths to 47,610 and 3,434.

Spain became the second most deadly epidemic region in the world, after Italy, which reported 6,820 deaths out of more than 69,000 infections. Mainland China is in third place with 3,281 deaths out of more than 81,000 cases.

The number of people dying from Covid-19 in Spain surpasses China
Funeral home staff at La Almudena cemetery in Madrid on March 24. Photo: AFP

Although Spain has sealed off the country since March 14, the epidemic has not cooled down. Officials warned the situation would be especially worse this week. “We are getting close to the peak of the epidemic,” Simon said. The blockade order was extended until April 11.

Madrid was severely affected with 14,597 patients, nearly one-third of all cases nationwide and 1,825 deaths, accounting for 53% of deaths nationwide. To ease the pressure on the overcrowded hospitals, the military renovated IFEMA exhibition center into a field hospital. Currently the hospital has 1,500 beds but can be expanded to 5,500 beds – the largest capacity of a hospital in Spain.

Covid-19 appears in more than 190 countries and territories, causing more than 435,000 people to be infected, more than 19,600 dead and nearly 112,000 recovering.