The number of new infections due to the disease rose to 5,234, which places the country with 78,991 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The British government announced 917 deaths in hospitals in the last 24 hours from coronavirus, which puts the balance at 9,875 victims this Saturday .

The number of new infections from the disease rose to 5,234, bringing the UK to 78,991 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the Health Ministry explained in its statement.

Today’s balance represents a slight daily decline from Friday, when 980 deaths from the disease were confirmed . The Secretary of Health, Matt Hancock, had affirmed that it is looking to test all the health personnel. In fact, 15 centers are already operating so that health workers can drive to undergo a test to see if they have coronavirus or not.

In addition, he insisted that they are trying to get all the necessary equipment for their professionals. Many claim that they do not have sufficient protection.

The British Parliament is seen as people in protective face masks walk across Westminster Bridge, as the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases around the world continues to grow, in London, UK, on ​​March 11, 2020. REUTERS

For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, sick with coronavirus and hospitalized for almost a week, has made “great strides” in his recovery, announced one of his spokesmen on Saturday.

The 55-year-old conservative leader left the intensive care unit on Thursday night and was transferred to another service at London’s St Thomas hospital. ” The Prime Minister continues to make great strides, ” said the official’s spokesman.

The day before, the services of the British premier announced that he had begun to “walk a little“. “His spirits are still very good,” said another spokesman for the president on Friday, who specified that Johnson was in the “initial phase” of the recovery, and that he would not retake the reins of the executive until the “opinion of his medical team” Be favorable.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The conservative leader is the only head of government of a great power infected by COVID-19, a virus that has already caused nearly 10,000 deaths in the United Kingdom. The head of diplomacy, Dominic Raab, was left in charge of the government during his absence.

He has to rest … I don’t think we can say he got rid ” of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Stanley Johnson’s father said Friday. “I don’t think I will go out and go straight back to Downing Street and pick up the reins without a period of realignment,” he added.

Next week, the government must formally decide whether to prolong the confinement, which started on March 23, initially for three weeks. Meanwhile, the executive has continued to insist before its citizens on the need to strictly comply with social distancing measures to stop the spread of the pandemic, especially during the Easter weekend.