Ralph Souffrant suffers from an abnormal skin condition that causes the body to appear more dark spots. Overcoming guilt, he became a famous model.

Model career has quite a lot of rigorous demands on appearance. For those with physical disabilities, the ability to survive in this fierce industry is really slim. However, Ralph Souffrant with a body of countless dark incense spots still affirms his position by continuous efforts.

If you’re a Kanye West fan, you’ll probably miss this guy. Souffrant appeared at the Yeezy Show Season 3 in New York (USA) in 2016. At that time, Souffrant had just decided to drop out of school and embark on modeling for about 6 months.

Souffrant was born in Haiti but moved to the US at the age of 9 with his family. Since childhood, he suffered from a disease like vitiligo, affecting skin pigmentation. Souffrant’s disease caused this model to have many dark bruises, quite similar to freckles but larger, spread throughout the body.

Life in a poor country like Haiti has never been easy. Souffrant wakes up every morning without knowing if there’s food. His parents had to work hard to meet the basic needs of the family. “The Souffrant family (French is enduring) really suits my life,” the Haitian-based model told W magazine.

When moving to Brooklyn (USA), Souffrant’s life was a bit easier but more troublesome. Strange appearance made him bullied by his friends at school. “They made fun of me. They told me I was an ugly, disgusting guy. I’m sure a lot of people have gone through the same thing. Just a little difference, people have an excuse to tease you,” he said.

Ever since high school, Souffrant has been passionate about bodybuilding. Thanks to that, he soon had a good body before he started his career. The road to the catwalk of the Haitian man received great support from photographer Aaron Taylor. He came across Souffrant when he was 13 at the park and offered to take photos. The two became friends since then, Souffrant repeatedly modeled for Aaron Taylor.

When Souffrant went to college, a friend advised him to give up the lecture hall and try his hand at modeling. Aaron Taylor also agrees with this decision. In August 2015, he helped Souffrant open a social media account and began sharing the first images. Souffrant’s account currently has about 90,000 followers.

6 months later, Souffrant signed a contract with modeling agency Re: Quest and appeared at Yeezy Show 3 . Surprisingly, both of the biggest events in Souffrant’s life take place in one day. “I couldn’t believe everything was happening so quickly. Just a few months ago, I told myself I was going to stand on this stage someday. I didn’t think it came so quickly. Kanye West is a serious person in public.” “It was an honor to work with him,” Souffrant recalled.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue , Souffrant revealed the secret to keeping his body fit in the gym. Besides, Haitian model also shared feeling most confident about his toned abs. “If you don’t do it, don’t think about eating. I’m not just raising myself. Every day, I try to make my family full,” he told Vogue.

Since entering the catwalk, Souffrant’s life has changed a lot. Besides decent income, the old disparages also disappeared. “They say I’m special and I’ve never seen anyone like this,” Souffrant shared about the fan comments. “It’s great when people start to find me attractive,” he said.

“What I like most about these incenses is that they are not the same thing. They’re just for you and only you,” Souffrant proudly told Vogue.