Twitter CEO: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Generate Billions Of Unemployment

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the development of AI can cause many people in the technology industry to lose their jobs, including software engineers.

“We often mention things like self-driving cars when talking about automation that will replace people in many jobs. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can also take place in the programming industry. “, Dorsey said in an interview last week.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Photo: AFP

Dorsey believes that the goal of machine learning and deep learning is that AI can write software by itself, which will threaten the position and salary of today’s software engineers. “A lot of basic programming work is no longer appropriate,” the Twitter CEO warned.

Software engineer is the 7th best job in the US in 2020 with an average basic salary of about 105,563 USD / year, according to research from the job ranking page Glassdoor. This assessment is based on many factors, including salary, job satisfaction and job opportunities.

Dorsey argues that Universal Basic Income (UBI), a periodic cash allowance for all citizens without checking whether they should receive money or not, could become a “platform” to help people. The technology industry lost income because of automation.

“The monthly stipend can help employees lose their peace of mind that they can support their families while learning the skills to move to a new world. UBI is not an excuse to quit working, it’s like a stake for those who are about to drown, “added Dorsey.

However, there are still a lot of opinions against UBI because they think it is too expensive and at the same time can make many people not interested in work and lose purpose in society.

The CEO of Twitter is not the only one who predicts AI will take away a lot of human work. The U.S.-based Brookings Institute in November 2019 published a report showing AI would threaten office jobs.

“Our analysis shows that workers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be four times more likely to compete with AI than people who have just a high school diploma. New graduates will be vulnerable. Most “, the report has a paragraph.

The Brookings Institution also ranks the most likely to be exposed and replaced by AI, led by market research analysis, sales management and computer programmers.