Basically Trump suggested he would carry out a massacre over the protests in Minneapolis.

The battle between President Donald Trump and Twitter has just had one more episode. After Trump signed an order to limit the power of social media , one of his latest tweets was concealed by the company, saying it was glorifying violence. In short, Trump suggested an order to kill people who have protested in the city of Minneapolis in recent days.

The past two days, Minneapolis has been thrown into complete chaos by the murder of a young African-American man by a police officer. He suffocated him … shortly after he was arrested. But according to Trump, the reasons don’t matter because he can’t “see this happening in a big American city,” he wrote early Friday. He added: “Either the very weak radical left mayor, Jacob Frey, act and put the City under control, or I will send the National Guard and do the job well …” he wrote. In another tweet he mentioned that he would not tolerate “HITS” and that Minnesota Governor Tim Walz had been informed that “the army is with him all the way”, and that “any difficulties and we will take over, but when the looting The shooting begins. Thank you!”

Before this post, Twitter decided to tag the post “glorify violence” and explained:

“This Tweet violated Twitter’s Rules on glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public interest for the Tweet to remain accessible. Learn more”.


The White House Twitter account replicated Trump’s comments and was also punished by Twitter:

However, later a letter from Twitter explaining about the stuff was forwarded which says:

On Thursday Donald Trump signed an executive order that can prevent Twitter and Facebook from having the power to control their users’ posts.