Much has been said about a project related to a video game based on the vast universe of Harry Potter. This game would allow us to venture into the magical world of the young magician within an RPG title, something that would be liked by fans.

This project would be in charge of Warner Bros Entertainment and was previously known as ‘Harry Potter Awakening’, but now it seems that it has another name such as ‘Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy’.

Now we have a new leak from Reddit in which many details related to the title are disclosed. The information was leaked by a Warner Bros. worker.

Multiple details of ‘Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy’

The first revealed data is that the game will be called ‘Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy’. In this game, users will be able to customize the characters and select if they come from magical families or Muggles. The plot would be based on a fifth-year student of magic who arrives at Hogwarts in an exchange.

The classic house cup will remain in-game and the type of spells we learn will be based on the decisions we make in the very RPG- style skill tree of other games.

The leak says that as for the timeline, the events will be set after the events of the 7 books, even after the children of Harry Potter have graduated from the legendary school of magic and sorcery. The protagonist will have to fight an ancient Death Eater who will have other allies to help him try to destroy the balance of the magical world.

Much has been speculated with the appearance of some of the characters in the franchise and it seems that we will be able to see some of them. Possibly one of them is Neville who remained as a professor of herbology in the epilogue of the last Harry Potter book.

An interesting fact is that we can kill enemies or even make them allies, much like another Warner game like ‘Shadow of Mordor’. Fans of the main sport in the magical world such as Quidditch can rest easy as it will continue to be present within ‘Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy’.

In case these details are true, the game would be everything that Harry Potter fans have wished to have in a video game. It must be remembered that previously the games in the saga have been based on books and therefore have not offered players as much freedom. The platforms for which this game would arrive are unknown, but it is supposed to be for the new generation of consoles and PCs.