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Some families who think of elderly parents as ‘heavy’ are the horrors that ruin their existence.

Watchman Karupasamy (Raju) is an old man who can stand on his own feet. She lives in the city with her sister. A surgical procedure for a fracture in the rib cage in an accident. He is taken to the house of his son (Subha Muthukumar), who is not ready to spend. The son who brought his father out of fear of prophylaxis feels heavy on the father. So the story is a fatal decision.

Priya Krishnaswamy has directed the cruelty of ‘headache’ in some villages for years. He has addressed an important issue that this community should be ashamed of and realize.

The story is about the grief of the elderly and the recklessness of their children who neglect their duties. It is welcome to think of it through a violent social movement. But the screenplay, which has no life and the footage of it, has never been passed on to the audience, the immature performance of most actors, the improper editing, the occasional backdrop of the music, and the film’s attempt to blend in with art and technology.

Without in-depth footage, third-party dramatic poisoning conspiracies bring the film down without even approaching the documentary. For the use of the ‘artwork’, Karupasamy is taken to the hospital and home at four tempo, and the lengthy scene in which Karupasamy’s son, Veera’s character, goes on the bike.

The vague portrayal that begins in the first scene, whether Karupasamy is staying at his sister’s house and working, continues throughout the film.

The money for the murder, which is a joint effort of at least four people, is just three thousand rupees. When there is no money-making industry, there is no detail on why this elderly murder attempt. The portrayal of the murderer as a substitute shows the conservative mindset of the director.

The film and the documentary have become unchanged in terms of artistry and technology.


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