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Dr. Kannadasan (Vivek), who runs the Fertility Center in Chennai. Many couples come to him for the issue of childlessness. Lacking a healthy sperm donor, he eventually finds a football player, Prabhu (Harish Kalyan). She slowly approaches him and tells him about sperm donation. Prabhu first runs to the head, then agrees. This is why Prabhu falls in love with Tanya Hope. The marriage is going on with the consent of the couple. Prabhu, however, hides the fact that he is a sperm donor without telling the fund that he is depressed. One of the issues Prabhu then faces is the flip side of his life, whether he survives or not.

This is a period of rapid development of science as innovations and technological advances. Accordingly, the human minds are changed and the screenplay, which claims to be good for everyone, is infused with the message. This messaging strategy has been handled directly and through the mindset of the characters through the verse of the characters. But Krishna Marimuthu, the director of Krishna Marimuttu, is nowhere to be found.

The director who remade the Hindi film Vicky Toner in 2012, succeeds in adapting it to Tamil. The screenplay is so tangible that even a little bit of bizarre, audiovisual storytelling is possible.

At the same time, the screenplay gives you the opportunity to speculate on what the outcome will be as you travel the familiar path.

Another great feature of the screenplay is that it combines two more important strands of remarriage and adoption, not confined to a single strand of sperm donation, and combines them into a natural storytelling that complements the emotion. For many viewers, however, Prabhu’s character may seem shocking and absurd.

One of the biggest strengths of the film is Vivek, who plays Dr. Kanadasan. He has made good use of the opportunity to showcase his talents in humor, humor and passionate acting.

The character of Kannadasan, who presents himself as a modern-day human rock who sees the development of science as sperm, uses it and uses the secret of the parents not to reveal the child and accomplish various things. Man also uses his selfish crow. The character gets caught up in the stumbling block. The doctor, who runs the big hospital, does not rely on a single donor, nor does he always trust Harish.

Man – The heroine perfectly portrayed the characteristics of the family members of the director. He thereby stresses the importance of the family scent of Mr Heir, the need for the family heir to be useful, and the noble spirit of the family. Interestingly, the hero’s mother is slightly reactionary and the grandmother is modern-minded.

Harish Kalyan has been an active footballer, playing a love and marriage tradition and a family boy in many ways.

The heroine Tanya Hope is blending into the role of the hero. It is broken that beautiful heroines can not act.

RS Sivaji’s comedy can be enjoyed to the last. This is the place where you break the truth with Prabhu and ask Vivek why he did this.

Anirudh, Shawn Roldan, Vivek – 6 songs by Mervin, the film is a great strength for the moving image.

Amidst caste, religion, cut-throat, and drug-fueled skull films, the film is one that promotes human relationships and embraces the positive aspects of science and modernity!


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