Dhurala is a Marathi movie starring Ankush Chaudhari, Nupur Dudwadkar, Prajakta Hanamghar released on 3 January 2020 and leaked by Tamilrockers, 9xmovies and 7StarHD. Dhurala (2020) Marathi movie is running very will in theaters and received 84% positive rating in BookMyShow and 8.8/10 in IMDb. That says a lot about movie. That is the reason why Dhurala being a regional movie Tamilrockers, 9xmovies and 7StarHD sites have provided the download of this movie.

The story of Dhurala (2020) Marathi movie starts when the sarpanch of Ambegaon village dies, his family unites for the next panchayat election. But as the story progresses every family member slowly starts to get struck by the importance of power. This greed for power soon brings to clash with the relationship of family`s bond with members. Will they survive? Will their bond stay tight? Will power totally corrupt them or will it make them realize something they have never realized before?

Pankaj Kapse Says

"Movie was a neutral gear in which you see the overall situation of the election time and with the family drama which we can relate to all the characters are played so perfect that you won't support anyone or hate anyone so yeah it was a perfect movie for me a common person angle of whom to support and whom to not.

I enjoyed it with my family so if you are planning to go I will recommend enjoying it with your family.

One less given because there was missing of emotions at some points blame not on the actors but the feel was not produced may be editing could been have better."

Suvarna Zanjal Shinde Says

धुराळा एक नंबर movie

Everything is flawless, story, screenplay, dialogues,direction, editing, background music. Each character is well defined n actors portraying did fantastic job. Ek se badhkar ek. This is the best movie on political genere I have seen so far. There's sattle message at the end. Must watch. Marathi Cinema Rocks

It is different from the child’s parent with the Prime Minister, or even just a London: MLA. The education of children, children did not even know yet to be discerned.

And it follows that if someone is in the same genre with the ambition to care for? In countries like political drama, the Dhurala commune Sameer Vidwans political dynasties are illustrated by the dark side.

In a small village the film begins with the death of the patriarch of the Sarpanch du Ambegaon. Then the family at home is not acting. In truth, the power it may be, he did not believe unless he deposited there again. However, when the center collapses, the world cannot stand up. When Dada (Ankush Chaudhari) tries to establish his wake, is shifted to astute powers.

Given two threats. rival Harish Gadhve (Prasad Oak) and a son and MLA (in the form of a special Umesh Kamat) about to change his basket injury. The call Matriarche APA Akka (ALLERGY Kubala) and the front Sarpanch Gadhve wants to take advantage of the smaller anger Monika (Sonalee Kulkarni) is a game. These are the kind of open wounds the shock of the house of a fight takes place is divided are blown.

But he realizes the fight of his old habits at the same time the nature of the context at the same time holding Vidwans Sameer a mosaic, more equitable of beings. Kshitij Patwardhan, finally, shines in the written record of their lines, the lines of the human spirit, and desire, and a pinch of that in the place of certain heretics, who, as far as this conforms to l ‘history.

The first is occasioned in the middle of the brink of brilliance, peace, and finding in itself the genius of twisting and turning, he continues, and the disruption of the state and a new layer of wrapped in the next election took place.

It’s very human characters come to life through fantastic casting travel. Prasad Siddharth Jadhav Ankush Chaudhari, or Amey Wagh, and the pillar plain, or a lot of talent, charm, underestimated in a wonderful way, and men of the comic level with them. The fact that women, who are really on stage. However, due to their simplicity or Akka ALLERGY Kubala or quirky and ambitious railway, Monika de Sonalee Kulkarni or Harshada (Burgundia) ardent Sai Tamhankar and the women in the film is her driving force.

Patwardhan and establish an account that does not dig all of his Prid Vidwans Tarquin, but for the sake of molded human beings. Envy, anger and the forces of dream conceit sometimes forces the state too many of these figures. It is difficult to identify them. Instead for a little while to prepare for war to overturn the plans of the other complex, Sarpanch, the Creator of the games on the other side of the ignoble activities.

Because it is said in the film lost the lifestyle in this part of the middle of the second. There is a point where the film begins to lose now, perhaps due to an excess of characters. And there are some, who are quite, perhaps, too many to conclude that, after finding this fables, the most important customers. Therefore, even though they might seem like the conclusions of the theater and something feels a little disappointing.

And yet, what excites the transformative action of the character of each race, taking advantage of the bow path, most important customers. Manipulative or a fool, or by the wrong device man is favorable to the Bhavjya Wagh, Monika of the beautiful him for woman the sister of a young man claiming a Kulkarni, they will be too, these characteristics are on a pedestal tie, and it shows that these are the abilities of a foul.

However, generally remain all the letters, with equal chances Hanumantrao Siddharth Jadhav, crazy muscle, but he understands things according to an idealists Harshada Tamhankar, and left their ancestors, a promise ten years ago. Ankush Chaudhari get the most fascinating, and the spirit of Sonalee Kulkarni, Amey Wagh observes however, since he was at the sight of the Prasad oaks-gallows birds, and he seemed to him more quickly in disarmament.

Dhurala Part-I Download (1080p)

Dhurala Part-II Download (1080p)

As long as the same does not complete over Dhurala (1974) Singhasan (1979) or Zenda (2009) finished painting a mosaic, which is, if the root of the history of the house, to contain the plague of the epics of the Greek and with multiple relationships to live. Watch the movie.



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