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Chandini, who loves a lower caste boy than himself, runs to Chennai. Flatbara Nitish Veera and his girlfriend are going out for a wedding the next day. Two orphaned elderly people choose the internet the next day in their lives. Muniskant wanders off because he needs 20 thousand rupees to save his son’s life. Samudrakooni is trying to save his comrades from the police encounter.

The circumstances that tie these five stories together. Have their problems been solved? Is not it? The story of the film. Keera has tried to tell the story in terms of anthology as 5 different stories, a focal point that connects them. His effort is impressive. The lawyer has played the role of Samudrakani as Ambedkar. Perfectly fit for the character who struggles against social ills. His performance was a testament to Chandni’s eyes. Nitish Veera brings the plight of the flat people. Muniskant’s character performance is phenomenal. Muthuraman represents the contemporary politician.

Keira, who focuses on the homicide, has tried to call it a thriller and has had some success. If you pay a little more attention to the script, the main images will line up. The music of MS Srikanth and the cinematography of Sibin Shiva add to the horror of the film.

Director Keera has made headlines in the context of caste, ethnicity and religion in a narrow space, freeing from it, freeing it and flying the vast expansive world in eight directions.

The film has spoken out against the politics of Draupadi . Although the opposite pole in politics, the two films have many similarities. Like in the movie Draupadi, the villain is portrayed as a movement leader. Likewise, the way a lawyer and the interpreter’s office were portrayed is shown here as Ulta.

The romance of the elderly, the love of the roadside, the love of the caste and the love of the cousin in the film are three romances. Samudrakani plays Ambedkar, a lawyer who is fighting for social justice. They were confined to a clichே. Whether in prison or as a teacher, as a lawyer, or as a character, his character stumbles upon the face, holding his face tightly and fluently.

The clarity of the director Keera on how this is going to be talked about has been lost. Moreover, the politics of the verse are imposed on the politics of the story, rather than in the footage. No one in the film has been turned into a character and given the life-giving alchemy to it, except that the script has spoken to the characters.

Barian’s question has had a profound impact because he was known. ‘Why can’t we love you, sir?’ Santini’s question becomes a meltdown in the sea. The only consolation of the film is that Munishkant tells Nitish Veera, who lives on the road, ‘I am going to marry you.’

The screenplay is so weak that it is not even relevant to the film’s title and storyline. Only the elderly couple cut themselves off from the bases of society and moved towards liberation. None of the others fly. Does love come in flying? Or fleeing the city to defend themselves from caste fanatics? The biggest weakness of the film is the jump in the shots. Climax viewers of the film should freeze. Parappatana An greatness pecavittalum, even if you want to fly to vanmattaiya cirakinai vakira regularly portrayed politics of the opposition will be cut.


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