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This film is marked the debut appearance of Malayalam actor-director Lal Jose and actor Sunny Wayne in Tamil cinema, with the former playing the antagonist. It was produced by Ambeth Kumar under the banner of Olympia Movies. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Santhosh Narayanan and cinematography and editing were handled by Selvakumar S. K. and Raymond Derrick Crasta.

Gypsy (Jeeva) is brought up by a nomadic boy who is losing his parents in the war in Kashmir. He stays nowhere and becomes a nationalist.

When her foster father dies, Jeeva is left alone with her horse and goes to Nagore, Tamil Nadu. There he falls in love with a growing Islamic family, Waheeda (Natasha). Natasha is also attracted to Jeeva. Natasha, married, escapes with Jeeva.

The romance of the two people, who turn into a nation nomad, is growing rapidly. At one point, the two were married in a town that looked like Varanasi. When Natasha is pregnant, the religious turmoil in the town turns her life around. What happened after that? That’s the story of the movie ‘Gypsy’.

The sensor has been in trouble for nearly a year or so. Taking over the toilet problem and the everyday problems of ordinary people in ‘Joker’, director Rajamurugan has taken to the field of politics with religion in Gypsy.

Jeeva as Gypsy. Far from making a permanent place, he staggers across the nation, stagnant in economic structures. Years later, he has been using the stage properly to showcase his performances. He weighs in on the character of each character and scores each scene. The story is so engaging that no one other than Jeeva could have played it.

Natasha Singh as Waheeda. Though not quite acting, he has shown the innocence required for the role. In the second half of the film, he uses only one form. Lal Jose as the leader of the strict Islamic family, Sunny Wayne as the Kerala Comrade, and Vikrant Singh as the leader of the riots have all perfected their role.

Selvakumar’s cinematography and the music of Santhosh Narayanan are the biggest strengths of the film. Especially throughout the first half, they were dominant. Every scene of the jiva travels and we are dragged along by the cinematography and the accompanying background music. The music of Santhosh Narayan is the sound of the silver moon and the sound of the magic swing. It was disappointing that the song ‘Very Very Bad’, which was a huge hit on the internet, was missing.

You may remember the two faces of the 2002 riots in Gujarat. One of them is a photo of someone aggressively screaming with a sword in his hand, and the other holding hands and crying. Years later, the man with the sword in his hand was heartbroken and apologized to the man in the photo. The most pressing event of the day was the headline news.

Director Rajamurugan has taken the incident as a character and tried to tell a love story behind it. The first half of the episode is about the Jeeva – Natasha romance and the intersection of social issues besides the Nagoor sights and songs.

But both romantic and social issues are not addressed in a positive way. The romantic scenes are so superficially displayed. There is little credibility in the footage shown of a nomad’s gravitating toward his family. The film had no major impact on us even before the break-up.

The riot scenes in front of the break have been realistically filmed. The callous face of the religious riots and the bloodshed is brought to a standstill. The riot scenes are shown in black and white by the flashing of the sensor board. Yet the scenes never ceased to shake the mind of the viewer.

After a break from sitting upright, the screenplay goes back to sag. The scenes of the riots and the things they wanted to say about religious politics without any pressure and easy-to-imagine scenes are the film’s biggest minuscule. In the final scenes, the most dramatic scenes are the scenes where the two faces of the riot on stage are met.

Director Rajumurugan has spoken on many important social issues in the country. The director can be commended for taking such a storyline and making it bold. But to put them more stressfully, this ‘gypsy’, a classic that should be celebrated in Tamil cinema if the script is still carved.

Talking about the download posted on Tamilrockers, below is the screenshot of the downloadable files from Tamilrockers of Gypsy movie.


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