Story of two men who are employed in a medical shop by day, team up by night to commit theft. When they finally manage a huge heist, they must go on the run as they’re being hunted both by the police and the mafia. How will the future unfold for them?

Actor: Sidhu Jonnalakada
Actress: Reshmi Gautam
Director: Praveen Chatur
Music: Shri Saran
Director: Ram Reddy

Manu Sidhu and Naresh both work in the drug store. Naresh separates wife and lives with her children. Since both have low salaries, they do occasional petty theft jobs.

If they know that someone is going to the town, they enter the house and steal the unsuspecting items, the only small items, and put the money on it and drive the money. In this case, Siddhu falls in love with Reshmi Gautam, who comes to a house near Siddhu’s house.

In this case, Sidhu gets 5 lakhs from a house while going to steal. He thinks of taking the money and settling down with his girlfriend. Similarly, Naresh is going to steal another house and get lakhs of rupees. Both men hide this from each other.

Meanwhile, Siddhu and Naresh have stolen something, so a rowdy gang is looking for them to retrieve the item from them. At the same time, the police are also looking for them.

Finally, Sidhu and Naresh are caught in the police? Did the Rowdy gang kidnap them? What is that money? What happened in its wake? The rest of the film.

Sidhu has made his usual appearance in scenes like romance and theft. Scratha smiles at Das with scenes of being caught. To become Naresh Guru, Sidhu has contributed greatly to the film’s screenplay as a cisin. Naresh laughs at the comedy.

Reshmi Gautam has gone out of love with her. The other characters have done their job well.

Praveen Sattaru has directed the film with love, comedy and glamor. While the first half moves a little slower, the film speeds up in the second half. The film would have been even better if it had shown the importance of the director’s story in Adult Comedy Janer.

Listening to songs in Sri Saran music. The footage has gotten better with Ram Reddy’s cinematography.


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