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Watch Malang Movie Online Free Here

This is where cinevood provided the facility to watch Malang online for free. But when we tried to test the online streaming of Malang, we noticed that the movie was not loading properly, taken too much time to response and finally shown an error that “a network error caused the media download to fail part-way” as that you can see in next screenshot.

This was the screenshot of the section where cinevood is offering to watch Malang movie through online streaming. In the below images you can see the download offers by cinevood.

Malang (2020) Hindi 720p PreDVD x264 AAC 1.2GB [penci_button link=”” icon=”fa fa-eye” icon_position=”left”][/penci_button]

Malang (2020) Hindi 480p PreDVD x264 AAC 700MB [penci_button link=”” icon=”fa fa-eye” icon_position=”left”][/penci_button]

Malang (2020) Hindi PreDVD x264 AAC 400MB [penci_button link=”” icon=”fa fa-eye” icon_position=”left”][/penci_button]

We have not downloaded these files and can’t tell you about the authenticity of these video files. You need to check it yourself. What you must be aware of is, these days these people attach virus to movie files that can get into your PC with the downloaded file as you know recently Jeff  Bezos mobile also got hacked with such an attachment to a video file he received from King of Saudi. So, you got to be safe while downloading movies from untrusted sources. Always scan files before opening it.

A Bit Review of Malang

One of our visitor named “Suzanne Paul” sent us a review after watching the movie which may help you a lot we strongly feel. Just read her personal comment of Malang.

Suzanne Paul Says, Malang has all the ingredients to make the movie enjoyable. I love it when the backdrop is Goa and that adds automatically a beauty that appease eyes. Four actors are worth applauding here- Anil Kapoor, Kunal Khemu, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Disha.

Anil Kapoor got a very interesting and layered character to play and with just his body language, we understand what his personality is. As a seasoned actor, this must comes natural to him. Needless to say, Anil Kapoor’s versatility is unmatched.

Kunal Khemu gave me shivers. His character and how he conveyed that role to me the audience made me wonder of human psyche overall. When the story starts, we pay less attention to this character but as the story progresses, we look out for the personality and try getting inside his head. His acting walked through that thin line of perfection that light up a spark of fear in my soul.

Now the hero, Aditya. It was with smoothness he slipped from that carefree soul to the man who demands eye for an eye. The Happy Aditya and Angry Aditya was equally convincing. So with this role, he built up his resume: romantic hero, action hero, aggressive hero, chilled out hero, tragedy hero.

The heroine played by Disha has a lovable personality. The way she manages to protray the integrity of her character at the same time looking drop down gorgeous is remarkable. Though her dialogs were supportive for her narration, it was her facial expressions that made us route her story from her happy days to her not happy days.

The movie has its highs and lows with the highs extremely beautiful and lows ignorable. The revenge story holds you throughout and thankful in this movie, all the questions are answered at the end and not before. The twists were good and were made good only because of the meritocracy of the star cast. The poetic justice of the revenge story leaves us satisfied and we go home in peace.

So whether it’s worth watching in theatre, let’s list out the why:
– For love of Goa, seeing Goa in big screen is a high
– the songs are so beautiful and imagine hearing that in a plush theatre, hearing sensory all happy
– there are interesting twists and plots. In order to enjoy this jolts to the brain, you got to see before someone else does it and give your spoilers
– this is a good choice for a movie date. The vibes that clicks instantly between the hero and heroine can create a nostalgia.
– everyone acted decent enough that you will not get irritated over the money wasted

Hope Suzanne Paul’s review would have helped you a lot understanding the movie if you had no idea before. Now just enjoy the movie where ever you prefer, sitting at home by downloading a pirate copy or going to the theater and enjoy with a popcorn and cold drinks.

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