Download MaMaKiKi 2020 Tamil Romantic Comedy movie premiered on 30 May 2020 (TODAY) on ZEE5 OTT. MaMaKiKi a ZEE5 Original film starring RJ Ramesh Thilak, Nalan Kumaraswamy, Preetha Anandan, and Maanas Chavali, directed by Radhakrishnan G is a story of four friends who were separated after their college and reunite after a period of 5 long years and share their amazing real life stories that took place with them over these years.

In recent past during lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, ZEE5 hase been active in collecting movies from distributors which were not being released in theaters because of the blockade. So, the OTT platform is really gearing up to grab the opportunity of taking entertainment definition to the next level and ZEE5 contributed a lot to this not only by releasing new movies on the OTT but also making good space for the web series too. Because there have been a number of hike in the count when it comes to the hike in short films or let it be the web series.

MaMaKiKi is an interesting colletion to ZEE5’s movie buster and this college story is definitely going to be loved by all. This series has been made keeping in view the bond between the youngistan and the post youngisatan era. There is a gap between those two period where the youngsters miss a major part of life and MaMaKiKi is an attempt to fill that gap with its stunning storyline.

Friendship is like a never ending relationship which never expires. If at all it has to expire, death is the only one incident that can bring an end to this. The performance of the characters in this movie have really been a of a high standard displaying high level of acting. Growing from childhood to responsible men is well pictured in this movie.

If we talk about the leaked videos of MaMaKiKi which is the core point of this article, we found that there are six videos that have been leaked which are published separately and the page which contains each of the videos are titled as MaMaKiKi (2020)[Tamil 1080p HD AVC – MP4 – x264 – 1.2GB], MaMaKiKi (2020)[Tamil 720p HD AVC – MP4 – x264 – 750MB], MaMaKiKi (2020)[Tamil HDRip – x264 – 600MB], MaMaKiKi (2020)[Tamil HDRip – XviD – MP3 – 700MB], MaMaKiKi (2020)[Tamil HDRip – x264 – 400MB], MaMaKiKi (2020)[Tamil HDRip – x264 – 250MB]. Finally watch the trailer of MaMaKiKi Tamil ZEE5 Originals below.


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