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‘Hit: The Firs Case’ Vishwak Sen starred in the movie and Shailesh Pook directed the movie. The latest trailer for the film has been released. The plot is meant to be set in the backdrop of a Murder Mystery. Vishwaxen appears in the role of Police Officer Vikram who solves this murder mystery. Nani is presenting the film produced by Prasanthi Tripuraneni. The film, starring Ruhani Sharma as the heroine, will be released on the 28th of this month. It must be said that the film crew succeeded in getting more interested with the trailer.

Natural Star became a nanny producer and founded a banner called Wall Poster Cinema. Prashanthi Tipirineni, who is a costume designer for a movie like ‘Baahubali’, is producing the films. The two made their first attempt at ‘A!’ Made the film a success. Now the audience has come forward with the movie ‘Hit’. Now let’s see how the film is featuring Vishwak Sen as the hero of the ‘Phalak Numa Das’ fame.

Vikram (Vishwak Sen) is a high-ranking police officer. Lead the hit (Homicide Intervention Team). Vikram is mentally disturbed by an incident in his life. As a result of this, he has been experiencing some depression in Crime Investigation. The doctor advises Vikram that he will recover from this problem only if he leaves the department. At this point a teenage girl disappears. Vikram’s lover Swapna (Rouhani Sharma) will not be seen while the police are investigating the case. What happened to the original guys? How did Vikram solve this case? That is a movie.

‘Hit’ is a common crime story. There is nothing new in the story. The key to the film is how the investigation of the crime that happened otherwise. The manner in which the killer was invented, the killer flashback, is interesting. Simply put, the screenplay is the life of the film. Director Shailesh tried to keep the pool alive. The director was completely unsuccessful in that endeavor, but it seemed worthless.

The director succeeds in bringing suspense to the film. We have no idea who the killer is until the climax. Carrying the suspense so well. Interesting until the end of the investigation, there are no commercial elements in the film. Cinema is like a documentary. Some scenes seem stretched. Hero Vishwak Sen said, “Water is not a drunk, you can’t get in the middle”.

However, there are some thrilling elements in the middle that activate us. Especially the pre-climax and climax scenes give a good thrill. There is no emotional touch to the film. Goes very seriously. Only the Police Investigation and Interrogation were shown. So the film will only appeal to viewers who love suspense and thriller Joners. Audiences expecting commercial elements will not enjoy the film.

When it comes to acting, the main strength of the film is Vishwak Sen. Very well played. Acting as a police officer with a psychological disorder. As usual, he tastes roughness. The police officer investigating a case is blindfolded. Vishwak Sen’s performance is a big plus for the film. The role of Ruhani Sharma, who plays a forensic officer, is no less important. Murali Sharma, Bhanuchander, Brahmaji and Hariteja have all played their roles. Hariteja’s character feels a bit new.

Technically the film is very rich. Especially when Vivek Sagar has to say about the background music. Impressed with his sounds in suspense and thrilling scenes. Manikandan cinematography is another highlight. Many scenes, such as Outer Ring Road Drone Shots and Forest Fight in the Rain, were shot naturally. Dialogues in the film are also very good. Editor Gary edited the film very well.


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