Although time flies by, now there are days left for June and that is excellent, because Paramount Pictures has announced that, on digital platforms, ‘Selma’ will be available for rent for free for the remainder of the month.

The Paramount news comes just a day after star David Oyelowo claimed that Oscars Awards voters said he would withdraw support for the film directed by Ava DuVernay, when the cast used flannel in support of the Black Lives movement. Matter at the premiere of ‘Selma’ in New York City, for the death of Eric Garner. In this regard, DuVernay confirmed the story.

Although the Academy responded to both on Twitter, affirming that they were listening and that they were on the side of progress, we could say that the “damage” has already been done. However, in moments like those we are experiencing, the way is to act and not back down.

For its part, Paramount recognizes the impact and relevance of a production such as ‘Selma’ – which for those who have not been able to see it, is based on the true story of the marches led by Martin Luther King Jr. to the city of Selma, to peacefully ask that people of color be allowed their right to vote.

“Fifty-five years after Selma’s historic marches, witnessing the expression of decades of collective pain, we must reflect on Dr. King’s words: ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ We hope that this little gesture will encourage people across the country to examine our nation’s history and reflect on the ways that racial injustice has infected our society. The key message of ‘Selma’ is the importance of equality, dignity and justice for all people. Clearly, that message is as vital today as it was in 1965. ”

In an intelligent and strategic way, Paramount Pictures uses its platform to raise awareness and call the audience to educate themselves, even if not by grabbing a book, but by watching “real” productions.


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