12 new download links of super hit web serices “Special Ops (2020) Season 01” in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada language leaked by 1337x in 1080p, 720p, HDRip, WebRip which contains all 8 episodes of Season 01. Special Ops is a multilingual espionage thriller series created by Neeraj Pandey for Hotstar’s label Hotstar Specials starring KK Menon, Divya Dutta, Vinay Pathak, Sana Khan, Karan Tacker, Meher Vij in lead roles. This web series contains total 8 episodes naming (1) “Kaagaz Ke Pool” (2) “Guide” (3) “Mughal-E-Azam” (4) “Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi” (5) “Chaudvin Ka Chand” (6) “Qurbani” (7) “Shatranj Ke Khiladi” and (8) “Sholay”.¬†This was premiered on HotStar on 17 March 2020. The downloadable videos are titled as given below:

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Intermittent and slow-burning, Special Ops , an eight-episode Hotstar series created by Neeraj Pandey, is a huge detective actioner who takes his sweet time to glide towards a two-suspense cliched build-up. One of them is a real-or-never flashpoint, the other is similar to a red herring despite meeting a reasonable degree of tension and anticipation. This thriller is like this: a mixed bag, stable and clean in terms of laying out details, but a tad temporary, if not completely understated, with its final punch.

The six-and-a-half-hour web-series, directed by Pandey with Shivam Nair, is a water-down and lengthy version of his 2015 big screen action Kid . This is not a bad thing at all. For one, it transcends Islamophobic alarmism. Even retaining one, the directors portray this story of an undercover operation as a straightforward drama that keeps an eye on the espionage of a terrorist’s mastermind that nobody ever looked at Not kept.

KK Menon, who played one of the prominent crooks in Baby, is cast here as Himmat Singh, an unrelated R&W officer whose chase for the suspected ‘main’ suspect in the 2002 Parliament attack I went. After the act fades away – constitutes the backbone of the story.

The lead actor makes it a point not to play for a gallery, opting instead for a submissive, unarmed style. The approach helps Menon lend an important aura to the plain-speaking Secret Service agent who essentially knows too much, but revels in ringing it out of earshot, as information hurries and infrequently draws from the field Hasty drawing. He plays a patient waiting game, which explains why the action-taken special ops span nearly two decades and unfold at a deliberate pace.

Himmat Singh is a family man whose wife (Gautami Kapoor) is left with only a faint ink that the man has to absorb on a daily basis. He says so much about his teenage daughter Pari (Revathi Pillai) that he goes to the extent of cloning her mobile phone to track her every move and conversation. The special ops significantly distract the courage of Himmat Singh’s mission not only from Bollywood-style devices in the context of grandiose confrontations with external enemies – which is certainly more important than anything – but departmental and domestic Even against the backdrop of tasks when he goes ahead with his risky plan, the unaffiliated officer must be absorbed.

The villain, played by villain Sajjad Delafruz in a well-known manner, is not a life-hate, hate-mongering monster who is usually a Bollywood terrorist. He goes about his business in a quiet, confident, sophisticated way that breaks the mound of evil secrets on which he sits.

Dare theorizes that the Parliament was attacked by a man who slipped under the radar and ran to safety and was dismissed as fictitious by many within and outside the detective agency, but He is so confident that he is on the right track that nothing can define him. His unbreakable work draws on a rambunctious minister (Suhila Kapoor), the young gunman who makes an attempt on his life, and officially draws unwanted attention from sections who view his methods with a mixture of skepticism and jealousy.

The top-line offering by the Bollywood A-lister is the freedom not to inject a surfeit of serious drama into special ops proceedings, not on the big screen. It is a work of fiction based on true events where the bridge between reception and restraint is welcomed with restraint, although five Indian agents, including two women who work for Himmat Singh, take any number of opposing hands Can- arm combat to prove the readiness of their mission. Lead is long, strapping blocks; Girls are strong and intelligent.

These are all trigger-happy action heroes in the traditional mold – Himmat Singh is the brains behind the mission and should never get into physical fights – but the action is not to engage in it, while one or two are. Operators get more games than others, those in secondary roles are not left out in the cold at all.

Sayami Kher as globe-trotting Juhi Kashyap and Vipul Gupta, who plays the role of Balakrishna “Bala” Reddy posted in Istanbul, belong to the other group. It is suggested that the former have a soft corner for one of the men in Dare’s team. The two are separated: it is not revealed how and why.

The series clearly does not have time to indicate that any sign of romance will bloom beyond just a hint. Yes, Bala’s relationship with Aditi Rao (Tanaya Sachdeva), the daughter of an Indian envoy in Turkey, progressed for some time and then swinged indefinitely.

Karan Tacker, a virtually parallel male lead special ops , makes an impressive performance as Delhi boy Farooq Ali, whom Himmat made his man in Dubai. Muzamil Ibrahim, Avinash, plays the role of a sniper who escapes from Baku, Azerbaijan and is an important part of the plan to thwart and eliminate the major incitement of terrorist attacks in India.

Farooq has expanded to put his point in Suve’s inner circle, the soft-spoken shipping tycoon Hafiz Ali (Sajjad Delafruz), who holds the cards that reveal the identity of the occasional Indian Ikhlas Khan, Indian secret agents Can. Desperate to expose.

The main twist in the plot involves Farrukh’s manipulation of people around the mighty Hafiz, including his accountant and most trusted aides Ismail Hassan (Rajat Kaul) and Sonya (Sana Khan), whose Farouk’s swamp leads to climax goes. .

Two late entrants into the swamp landscape are Sadia Qureshi (Divya Dutta) and her younger sister Farah (Pakki Gupta), a Muzaffarnagar riot victim who has a terrorist plot aimed at targeting peace efforts between India and Pakistan. There is reason to join.

Himmat’s two major assets, apart from Farooq, are Ruhani Khan (Meher Vij, as cast against good influence) – Muslims, as are Delhi Police constables Abbas Shaikh (Vinay Pathak), who dares to assist Himmat Singh. Go. The special ops, judiciously, never underline their religious identity.

A large part of the narrative revolves around unexplained “miscellaneous” expenses in an internal audit investigation (present day), which Dare has worked on for a long time on his secret mission to brainwash the Parliament attack as well as the brain To be brought back. There were several other terrorist attacks later to book.

The questions he faces from the two-member board answer that he is not always on the issue, but he serves the purpose of speeding up the viewer, which has changed during the 19-year manhunt . During the grilling, which plays in several episodes, we get information about his crack agents stationed in different parts of the world – Dubai, Tehran, Baku, Tbilisi, Amman and Istanbul.

A shady oilfield deal in Baku, a brief interrogation of 26/11 accused Ajmal Kasab, a reference to a kickback received by a minister’s son in a Russian tech deal, the arrest of a human smuggler who imprisons poor Muslim girls in the Gulf and a visit Sends on In Delhi, among other things, meat is sprinkled by Pakistan’s Defense Minister (Rahul Vohra) to add meat to the plot. Not everything proves sufficiently soulful, but to the credit of the makers of special ops , they never lose the plot.


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