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The Platform (2020) Movie Review

The Platform is directed by Galdes Gaztelu-Urrutia, with a script by David Desola and Pedro Rivero. Demolishing, heartbreaking and brutal, are some words to define this suffocating film.

Goreng (Iván Massagué) agrees to live in the hole for 6 months in exchange for a title being validated, but when he wakes up within level 48, he doesn’t know what awaits him. As the only companion, he meets Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor), a psychopath and murderer, who explains how the place where they are locked up works.

Each month they change levels randomly, being anesthetized by a gas and with it they will have access to more or less food and even nothing. Goreng will meet characters at other levels such as Imoguiri, the admission officer (Antonia Sanjuan), Miharu (Alexandra Masangkay) who occasionally goes up and down on the platform, looking for her son and Baharat (Emilio Buale), an important support for Goreng.

The Pit, or the vertical self-management center, as Trimagasi calls it, is made up of an unknown number of levels. Each level has a reduced size, with two beds facing each other. In the center of the ceiling and floor, there is a large hole that communicates with the different levels, through which a platform with the best delicacies descends. The platform only stops at each level for a short time, in which those on it can eat as much as they want. What happens when you reach the last levels?

Galdes Gaztelu-Urrutia, is director and producer of cinema and advertising, has a Diploma in Business Management with a specialty in International Trade. He is a member of the Basque Films production company. He has collaborated as a Line Producer in Samuel Ortí Martí’s “Pos Eso” 2014 and Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttine’s “Two almost equal rivals” 2007. Co-producer of the short film “She`s Lost Control” 2010 by Haritz Zubillaga. Executive producer of the short film “Choque” 2005 by Nacho Vigalondo or “the dead hours” 2007 by Haritz Zubillaga. He has made commercials for television and as a director he started with the short “913” 2004, “La casa del Lago” 2011 and “El ataúd de cristal” 2016, jumping to the feature film with “The Platform”; a film that has caused great surprise at festivals. At the last Sitges festival, he won the prizes for best film, special effects, best new director and the public grand prize, as well as the Midhight Madness public prize at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I had the pleasure of seeing his short film “El ataúd de cristal” at the Madrid International Fantasy Film Festival, Nocturna Madrid, and I was positively surprised, now his feature debut in the feature film comes to us and, of course, he could not enter with better foot fantastic and horror cinema. A solid and overwhelming work, under a claustrophobic atmosphere in small spaces and minimalist decorations. Four dark walls, two lounge chairs, poor lighting without knowing whether it is day or night and the platform that goes up and down.

The Platform is a cruel and twisted work like the society we have created. Cold, satirical and inhuman, a clear reflection of the lack of feelings and emotions, which have been lost in a part of the human being, when it is not they who are affected by dangers, assimilating famine, suffering and death, like something natural. A work with so many readings and layers, as food rests on the platform day by day.

This social, political and even religious criticism is shocking, leaving no puppet with a head. The distribution of world wealth, survival, criticism of the administration, of social classes, of violence for violence or self-sacrifice; These will be some of the issues exposed at the big table. An original, intelligent and provocative work. Original in the context in which it is presented, because although it can bring back memories of other films such as “Swa” 2004 by James Wan or “Cube” 1997 by Vicenzo Natali, it is far from them. Intelligent in his conversations and incisive phrases and provocative, with the aim of raising consciences.

A work not without terror, a psychological terror that is penetrating minute by minute in the spectator and a physical terror, before the amputations, the cannibalism, the deaths and that gore, well measured. A film not only reflective towards the viewer, but also towards the characters, given the need and desire to get out of the hole alive. Well, they know that one month they can be on top, enjoying the opulence and another one below, starving. Would you know how to live in both worlds?

In the director’s words, during the brief conversation I had with him and commenting on something like “You will have stayed calm after directing this movie” with a smile, he replied “I have expelled all the shit I had inside” and actually, That shit he talks about, is what we have become our society, by consenting to those above and the unfortunate behavior towards our equals.

Professionals from the media at the Toronto festival, as Carlos Juárez, one of the film’s producers, let me know, were surprised by the staging of “The Platform”, asking how they had done it, and that is undoubtedly the viewer. You will enjoy surprising moments, not only of realization, but of the composition of the spaces, the visual effects, the lighting, the spectacular photography by Jon D. Domínguez and a soundtrack that penetrates you to the core, composed by Aránzazu Calleja.

And if everything mentioned is already important, from the direction to the production, the pillars, once again, are the interpretations. Interesting acting cast, starting with a magnificent Ivan Masagué, whom we accompany through that hell that he has decided to live to enjoy an approved title. A disturbing Antonia San Juan, whose character fell short. Zorion Egileor, playing a demented sadist, reminding me of Hannibal Lecter, hated and loved equally, and Emilio Baule, in a very correct interpretation and I leave him here, so as not to reveal anything else.


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