Tijarat is a new episode added to the Ullu web series “Riti Riwaj” web series which is based on exposing the ill traditions exist in India. Sometimes it is fantasized and sometimes it’s on real issues. This time it has come up “Tijarat” (तिजारत) which means Trading and this term is used as the title of this series to denote Trading of Women. Riti Riwaj has been more like an adult web series which is suitable for people above 18 years old as this contains more graphic and adultery content in the film.


The storyline of Tijarat the fourth edition of Riti Riwaj portrays a young girl named Tara, who is forced to participates in Rai Dance Ceremony. Rai Dance Ceremony is a dance form in which the girls are forced to dance in front of rich people as they are not permitted to marry in their life. They are treated as an instrument of pleasure for men and this is the reality which prevails in Bedaniya community in Madhya Pradesh. She refuse to take part in the dance ceremony, as she is in love with a guy, and her heart continues to pain for his lover. In due course of time she gets an opportunity to escape from that sin city and live in a civilized city. However, after her lover betrays her, she remains in servitude despite all her efforts to escape from the community. All you would like to see is will someone finally care about her wish to quit such a tradition, and will she able to find true love of life, despite the daunting social customs?

Background of Rai Dance Ceremony

Rai Dance Ceremony, from the name itself you can guess this is about dance. But what you can not guess is, this is a dance ceremony in which unmarried girls are forced to dance in front of rich people, who pay heavily to the arrangers. So, who are these girls and fro where this concept came?

If you have seen “Mujrah” in old Bollywood movies, you might have seen a girl is forced to dance in front of many people in a hall and she is called a “Tabayaf” means a prostitute who is paid for amusement. Rai Dance Ceremony is something like that which prevails in Bedaniya community in Madhya Pradesh. In this community, girls are not allowed to marry through out their life. They are forced to do so because they had to perform in this dance and make happy the rich people.

How Tijarat Proceeds?

Anupama Prakash who performs as Tara is an innocent girl who falls in love with a guy Prashant Manrai performed as Sachin. In due course of time Ashok Kumar Jha (Rana Bahadur) had an attraction towards Sara and wants her to be dancing in front of him. Even though Sara gets an opportunity to escape from the trap, being betrayed by her boyfriend, gets confined to the culprits.

Being an adult series, the rituals of getting accepted and making ready to the dance is shown in detail where she is made oil massaged, where the open body is seen, the erotic scenes are being intentionally pictured to grab the audience and this is very well controlled under the direction of Raghubeer Singh.

Majority of the love making scenes are intentionally made bold. The actors have also performed their part very well and Sara’s performance will definitely seduce any male audience. Her body is being used to display nude from the back and the oil is being used to make her look more sexy and it does the trick. There are many hot scenes where the love is being displayed at a very higher end.

Riti Riwaj Tijarat Trailer

The Riti Riwaj Tijaraj trailer has been released on YouTube and the interesting part is it is not marked as not suitable for audience under 18 years old. The trailer was released on May 24, 2020 on ULLU’s official YouTube channel. The trailer promises glaring insights into the serial for viewers. If you are searching for a heart-breaking insight with the promise of some adult action, the trailer is definitely a must-watch. The trailer does reek of low production values. But, if you are willing to look past that, you will enjoy a new subject.

Riti Riwaj Tijarat Cast

  • Aanchal Takalkar
  • Ashok Jha
  • Prashant Manrai
  • Sudha Yadav
  • Leena Acharya
  • Anupama Prakash

Riti Riwaj Tijarat Release Date

The Web Series Riti Riwaj Tijarat released on the May 29, 2020 on ULLU App and website. With the growing demand for the ULLU streaming platform, this serial is a taste of bigger things to come during the on-going lockdown.

Name: Tijarat (Riti Riwaj)
Type: Web Series
Online Video Platform: ULLU
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 29 May 2020

Rumors of Video Leak

There are rumors that, the videos of Tijarat Riti Riwaj have been leaked online. There are many sites which may leak it, but as per our source, 9xmovies movie pirate site has leaked this web series. To the best of our information from reliable sources, there are these two videos leaked and published as  Tijarat (Riti Riwaj) Part 4 2020 Hindi Complete Ullu Web Series 720p HDRip 500MB Download, Tijarat (Riti Riwaj) Part 4 2020 Hindi Complete Ullu Web Series 220MB HDRip Download.


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