Just dealt with watching the Raktanchal web series on Purvanchars Gangwar. Gone all night Looking at the last scene, I was thinking how courageous these gangs of Purvanchal were, that it was a matter of pride to call one after the other. You know that going to meet the enemy is fatal, yet you go, talk, shoot, death happens. Think, what would happen if these gangs operated on ideological grounds?

There are also instances where a don with ideological basis has gone to meet him at the invitation of an anti-Don thought. Films are also made on this Such examples are rare however. If two opposite ideological gangs become enemies in today’s date, then intolerance and purity is such that no one goes to see each other. Then it came to know that ideological gangs abound and all are considering themselves superior to each other and are engaged in a verbal war. All the ammunitions are rusting to prove that my shirt is white with her shirt.

I have always felt that criminals, mafia, don, kind of people are more true than ideological gangs and individuals. They are brave. And above all, with all the risks that they live in reality. Like Don Amitabh Bachchan went alone to meet the goons. What was the scene on the other hand, suffering from a sense of superiority in the society, how less brave, less truthful and how much of a virtual world is hostage to the virtual world. Detached from the ground.

There is an average man of a society far superior to such intellectuals who make assumptions based on experience. One does not live in a virtual world and does not present his unhappiness and happiness in an ideological gimmick. Doing journalism came to be two decades, now with the aging, I feel that our ideological training was fake. I thought the idea was right, the mind got rooted and the persona hypocritical in the case of native photocopy and translation. Practice put a layer of hypocrisy on the hypocrisy and we went on getting stuck in our chakravyuh.

I am glad that soon I am going to get rid of the baggage of the past and it is quite possible that in four to six months I may be able to cover all the raita spread in vegetable or chaat dumplings. I will open a hand cart or I will open a newspaper magazine stall. No longer the age to become a criminal or a don, yet the role of Vinod Kumar in the movie Mashal inspires me a lot, played by Dilip Kumar. His scope is strong. Rest, all those friends who are still trapped in their own virtual world in their own ways, God forgive them. They do not know what they are doing.

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