Meerut: After the violence erupted in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in the past, many videos are now going viral. But one video is most discussed. In this viral video, SP City of Meerut Akhilesh Narayan is chasing the miscreants and asking them to go to Pakistan. ADM City is also present along with SP City. SP City are telling the rioters that if you are tying black band, then your life will also become black. The accounts belong to here and the singing is from somewhere else. This video is from 20 December.

During the violence of violence, it was so angry that after the prayer of Jumay, the rioters came on the road completely, after which violence erupted in Meerut. Lakhs of government property were damaged.

When this video went viral, after the Meerut police was very upset, when SP City Akhilesh Narayan was talked about this matter, he said that we had received information that some boys are preparing to incite violence. As we reached there, the boys started shouting slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. That is why they were told so. Those boys have also been identified and action will be taken by filing a case.

The video can be heard saying to Akhilesh Narayan Singh, “I am telling those who are wearing black bandage.” They should go to Pakistan. It will take a second to become future black, everything will turn black in a second. Life will also turn black. If you feel like not living in the country then go away. Will eat here, sing anywhere else. After that he said that I and I have missed this street, remembering that I remember, then I reach the grandmother. Everyone’s photo has been taken. Remember. If anything happens, you guys will also pay the price.

The Constitution of India does not allow the use of this language with any citizen – Priyanka Gandhi

Politics has also become hot about this matter. Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, “The Constitution of India does not allow the use of this language with any citizen and when you are an officer occupying an important position then the responsibility increases. BJP has so much communal poison in the institutions that today the officers have no respect for swearing in the Constitution.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh said that any officer who has said such a thing should not only be dismissed but also arrested. At the same time, Tariq Anwar says that if a senior police officer is talking like this, then understand where the country is going.

Meerut ADG Prashant Kumar said – Padravi was shouting anti-country slogans

On this matter, ADG Prashant Kumar of Meerut said that the miscreants were raising anti-country slogans. They were throwing stones at the police. The situation was very tense. PFI leaflets were being distributed. They were doing this despite appeals, including religious leaders. He further said, “Yes, the choice of words could have been better if the situation was normal, but the situation was very tense that day, our officers showed great restraint, the police did not fire.

Yogi government’s information consultant appointed SP of Meerut

Shalabh Mani Tripathi, Information Advisor in UP Government, has appointed SP of Meerut for his statement. He has also tweeted about it saying, “Salute is Meerut’s City SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh, to give a befitting reply to the miscreants shouting slogans from Pakistan, Zindabad and India Murdabad, now some so-called enlightened people are sorry that India Why did Murdabad and Pakistan Zindabad speaking Gaddars go to Pakistan !! ”