India annoyed of Malaysian PM’s comment, summoned incharge of Foreign Ministry

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Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahatir Mohammad said on Friday, “I am sad to see India claiming to be secular, now that it is taking steps to deprive citizenship of some Muslims.”

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs summoned the Malaysian Charge d’Affaires on Saturday. According to information received from government sources, the Ministry of External Affairs has taken this step to register strong opposition to the remarks made by the Malaysian PM in a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. According to sources, Malaysia was told that the comments were neither in line with acceptable diplomatic behavior nor according to the bilateral relations of the two countries. Malaysia was asked to adopt a long-term and diplomatic approach to bilateral relations with India.

Malaysia was also given a message from India that such remarks are wrong and insensitive. Simultaneously, Malaysia was asked to adopt a long-term and strategic view of bilateral relations.

India said the statement was wrong

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry had termed the statement of the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahatir Mohammad on the revised citizenship law as ‘factually incorrect’ in which he said that India was taking this step to deprive some Muslims of citizenship. is. The Foreign Ministry also said that Malaysia should refrain from commenting on India’s internal affairs, especially without understanding the facts.

Malaysia’s PM gave this statement

Mahathir Mohammed said on Friday, ‘I feel sad to see India claiming to be secular, now that it is taking steps to deprive citizenship of some Muslims’. Said, ‘According to media reports, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has once again commented on India’s internal matter. The CAA accelerates the process of granting citizenship to those who have come to the country from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan due to persecution for religious reasons.

The ministry said, ‘This law does not affect the status of any Indian citizen or deprive them of any Indian or religious citizenship. Thus the Malaysian Prime Minister’s comment is not factually correct.

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